New Years Boost for ALL Buildings 2014

Holiday Boost

The Christmas boost intimated by Supercell will be ending on January 7th. The following buildings are available for a one gem boost (time boosted in parentheses) during Christmastime:

  • Elixir Collectors (1 day)
  • Archer Queen (2 hours)
  • Barbarian King (2 hours)
  • Spell Factory (2 hours)
  • Dark Barracks (2 hours)
  • Barracks (2 hours)

Everyone thought this boost would be ending soon, but instead Supercell wanted to celebrate the New Year with us. They have now added gold mines and dark elixir drills to be boosted as well. These will be boosted for a day for one gem. Take this opportunity to boost since it is only a single gem. Boosting for one day will earn you an extra 252,000 gold and 252,000 elixir if you have level 12 collectors/mines.

For dark elixir drills, you would earn an extra 3,200 DE if you boosted all your level 6 drills. Definitely, don’t miss this boosting chance and earn yourself a little bit more cash!

Boosted Collectors

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