New Dark Troops in Clash of Clans?

Here is a few images of new dark troops that could be coming to the game this year. The Spider and the Centaur are among the leading ideas. Here’s an idea of what they would look like.

The CentaurThe Spider

Most likely, these are just rumors and have no proof behind them. However, more than likely, you can expect a new dark troop to be added, probably in the summer update. The Spider and the Centaur are possibilities, but it could be something completely different. Comment what you think the next dark troop will be below!

14 thoughts on “New Dark Troops in Clash of Clans?

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  2. Lol the new dark troop has already been released! It’s called a lava hound and it strikes at the air defence and when it dies… turns into severel small lava pups


  3. I think like a dark troop that digs and costs 40,000 dark elixir to max upgrade and a defense that damages him and the digger is called ” a digger ” cost 5000 dark elixir train 1 hour dps 3000 hp 4000 and the defense is 500 dps….. And a dark hog Duke and valkrie duchess great ideas!


  4. Maybe a ship that fires a fiery catapult ever 20 seconds? It can hit anywhere, can’t be destroyed by the villiage it’s attacking but takes up an obscene amount of space, like 80


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