First Ideas on the April Update (No TH11)

Update in Clash of Clans | April Update

What is up, fellow Clashers?! As we all know, it’s been nearing 2 months since the last update so it’s time to start entertaining thoughts on the April update. Supercell promised to release an update every 2 months, so I expect that we will be seeing some Sneak-Peeks soon! Here’s some of my ideas on what is going to be in the April update! I would expect at least 3 of these to come true.

Game-changing Features to the Game

  • New Single Player Maps- Hopefully, this time we will finally see the new maps added. If not this update, I’m positive it will be in the next one!
  • Level 7 Dark Troop?- This will always be on these lists. We never know when Supercell is playing for a new Dark Troop to enter the game.
  • Clan Competitions- There is already Clan leaderboards for trophies, so why not add donations or Clan War wins in there as well? Top 3 Clans get gems just like the current leaderboard.

Small (But Necessary) Changes

  • Upgrading Heroes in War- This definitely falls into the necessary category. Supercell is hearing too many complaints to not fix this issue.
  • Saved Army Compositions- I’m not sure if this will be in the next update, but it’s a great concept. Imagine automatically having your barracks train your favorite armies. You could switch between GoWiWi and B.A.M. with ease!
  • Level 5 Dragons- The P.E.K.K.A.s are already level 5, so I think it would be smart by Supercell to add in some level 5 drags as well.
  • Level 9 Mortars- I don’t like it, but I do think level 9 mortars will be coming to the game soon. Level 7 Barch is becoming too powerful and they need the balance.
  • Crackdown on iMod- iMod has gotten out of hand and Supercell realizes they need to put a stop to it. Expect easier bans, maybe even for small issues.
  • .5x Replay Speed- If you are a regular visitor to the site, you already know that this will be in the April update. In the Finnish tournament, it was “accidentally leaked”. Read more.

No TH11?

You may notice that I never mentioned TH11. I don’t believe this will be in the April update for 2 reasons.

1. Supercell would drag the bigger YouTubers out to Helsinki to see what they think about it.

2. I believe that Supercell will add 2 levels to all defenses at Town Hall 10. They really want to get the most out of TH10, before they introduce a new Town Hall level.

Now all this being said, I do think that we will be seeing TH11, possibly in October-December. We will see what comes together! We should start seeing the first sneak peeks for the April update within 2 weeks, so stay tuned to Clash for Dummies! Clash on!

What do You Think?

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