Barbarians and Dragons Faster Training Time in January 2015

Supercell announced today that they would be adding a limited time reduction to training dragons and barbarians. “Limited” actually means 5 times as fast as usual. Dragons now train in 6 minutes and barbarians are cranked out in 4 seconds. Beware barch users- if you queue your barracks, your barbs will come out a lot faster than your archers; so fast that you might actually be using mass-barbarians!

IMG_0581As with every update (as little as this one is), the inactives get back on the game to see what the fuss is about. Obviously, this means that they collect their resources when they are online. Unfortunately, this will create in a loss in collector raids for the next week or so.

This also raises the question about the February? update coming soon. Giving us a little “sneak peek” in order to get us ready for the big update. My guess is we will start seeing real sneak-peeks in the middle of next week or early the week after. Maybe TH11 drops?!


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