Air Sweeper Changes Air Attacks

With the April update, we saw a brand new defense added in to the game; the air sweeper. This is the first new defense in two years! It is creating a lot of new strategy and all the players need to know how to beat it. Here are some basic stats on the air sweeper:

  • Can be upgraded to level 6
  • Blows waves of air at air troops
  • Unlocked at TH6
  • Each upgrade makes it push units further away

So that’s the basics for the air sweeper. Its a definite game changer, so lets get into how the air sweeper works.

How the Air Sweeper Works

The air sweeper shoots out gusts of air at attacking troops forcing them back. As soon as you are at the sweeper though, it can’t send back your troops. Here’s a video of the new defense in action:

So that shows you what the air sweeper is like in real life. Here’s a picture of all the levels of the air sweeper:

Air Sweeper April Update 2015 Clash of Clans

You can set the sweeper to any 120 degree angle to defend your base and it is easily rotatable. Now that you know how it works, you need to know how to BEAT it!

How to Beat the Air Sweeper

In my opinion, there are two main strategies you can use to beat the air sweeper. Both aren’t huge changes from standard balloonion, lavaloonion, and mass drags raids.

Bring 5 rage spells

Rage spells are going to be key to beating these things. You need to get your flying units in as FAST as possible to take it out. 5 rage spells might be a bit tricky for you the beat the entire base, but it should easily be able to take out the air sweeper. Instead you might want to bring 4 for a TH10, 3 for a TH9, and 3 for a TH8.

The whole point will to be start your attack in the direction the air sweeper is facing and then rage your troops every time they get pushed back. That way it will seem like they are moving in almost normal motion.

Attack away from the air sweeper

This seems like the most logical solution. Just attack from wherever the air sweeper isn’t facing! In fact, this simple solution could work quite well. This way you could use your normal amount of spells as well.

Actually, since the air sweeper would blow the troops away from it, it would make a three star much EASIER since the defense would be spreading out your troops once you got past it.

So that’s just a summary on the air sweeper in the April update. I hope this helps you learn how to beat them! Make sure to check back here tonight for more April update features!

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