Clash of Clans Hack iMod Ended with April Update!

With the April update, the biggest Clash of Clans hack was FINALLY countered! That hack was iMod and was a huge problem in war. Clash of Clans added a rather smart method to ending iMod, but before we get into that; let me tell you how this hack works.

Clash of Clans Hack Explained

So basically, what iMod did was allow you to scout an enemy base in Clan Wars. However, in the hack, it would allow you to see where all the traps were, where the teslas were located, and what troops were deployed in the Clan Castle. Then, after you knew all those facts, it would then allow you to practice your attack as many times as you wished on your opponents base. This would allow you to get everything perfect until you finally raided your enemy in the real clan war.

How Clash of Clans Fixed iMod!

Clash of Clans knew about the hack and they were looking for a way to counter it without being too obvious of their true intentions. So therefore they introduced new changes to Clan Wars:

Clash of Clans Hack iMod April Update

Right, its really difficult how this stops this Clash of Clans hack but if you think for a bit, you will start to understand.

iMod makes it so that you can practice war attacks, over and over and over again, until you get it completely correct and get an easy three star win. Now, since the April Update, it asks you if you want to attack. Now, when you hit the attack button, that’s the end: you are in one of your attacks! It used to be that if you hit attack, you had 30 seconds to back out of the raid. Because of this addition there is no practicing anymore, since now that counts as your attack.

Most war clans are extremely happy about this change, since the hack was causing them to lose war. Clash of Clans did this to cut back on the cheating, and it is working extremely well so far. Anyways, this was just a quick post detailing what iMod was and how Clash of Clans cut it out of their game! Eventually there will be another hack in Clash, but right now it is clean. I hope I explained the whole iMod problem pretty well!

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10 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Hack iMod Ended with April Update!

  1. This morning Supercell clarified what’s going on with their recent policies to encourage “fair play.” According to them, accounts that were found using d party hacks and cheats were banned for two weeks


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  4. Within a day of the update you talk about I know of one dedicated modding clan that had got around this and were happily modding their 3 stars again in clan wars! A week and a half later the mod was patched and it now works as well as ever!


  5. Wow, great post! I do have some questions though (these don’t encompass anything about the post, I am just curious):
    What is the app called that you use to make your pictures? Is it on an I device? Also, what font is that which you used on the picture for this post?


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