Best TH7 War Base Design for 2015!

Hey fellow Clashers! Learn how to make the best TH7 war bases for the 2015 year! This is part of a brand-new series I am bringing to you guys. Basically, I will be giving you the basics to build the ultimate war base for each Town Hall level starting with TH7. These are key points that MUST be fit for you to have the BEST TH7 war base. At the end of each post, I will be sharing with you the best war base I have come across. Lets get this series started!

Centralized Air Defense

This is the #1 item when building a TH7 war base. You need to be able to attempt to stop air attacks since that is practically the only attack strategy for Town Hall 7. This must be met if you want any chance of defending during war at Town Hall 7. Your air defense should be centralized, but not necessarily right on top of each other. They should be hard-to-reach and cover one another. Here’s a base:

Best TH7 War Base Air Sweeper

Centralized Clan Castle

Besides, air defense, the troops in the Clan Castle are the most important part of a defense for a TH7 in war. Those Clan Castle troops could mean the difference between a success or a failure in a defense. The best troops to have in your CC would be 1 witch and 2 wizards. These CC troops should try and prevented from luring the best as possible. Here’s an example of an hard to lure Clan Castle:

Best TH7 War Base Air Sweeper   

Spread Out Base

To have the best TH7 war base, you need to be able to prevent a three star, not a one star. TH7 are just too easy to beat, so you need to be worried about defending against that 100%. The best way to do this is to have a very spread out base. This means spreading out your army and non-defensive buildings very far to hope that the attacker will run out of time. Here’s a base:

Best TH7 War Base Air Sweeper

Air Sweeper Range

The air sweeper has changed air attacks forever. You need to know how to design a base with the air sweeper. A general rule is to point the air sweeper wherever your air defense is the weakest. So if you can defend air easily from the north, point the air sweeper towards the south of your base. This will make it hard for the attacker to attack you in any direction and thus hopefully create a one star opportunity! Here’s a base:

Best TH7 War Base Air Sweeper

Double Giant Bomb Spaces

Now, while most people will use mass drags when attacking at TH7, you do see the occasional hog. You have to prevent this by making a lot of spaces where there is a possibility for double giant bombs. Then of course, in one of these bases put both your giant bombs! No base for this one, it should be pretty easy to execute.

The Best TH7 War Base Layout for 2015!

So this is the one I came up with, hitting all of these main principles. You can use this TH7 war base or design one of your own!

Best TH7 War Base Air Sweeper

So that the best one I have made so far! I hope you enjoyed this post on the best TH7 War Bases for 2015! Please make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube:

16 thoughts on “Best TH7 War Base Design for 2015!

  1. The farming base method worked out well for me when I was town hall 6. People sniped my town hall, and just left with one star and the war win bonus. I put a farming base on whenever there are rushed town halls on the opponent clan.


  2. Reblogged this on The best Clash of Clans tutorials and commented:
    These are some very good war bases, but I have one more strategy to add. Sometimes, place your town hall on the outer side of the base, but make it covered up from three sides with walls and you best defensive towers, inculding at least one slpash tower (mortar recommended) and an air defense. Place you teslas next to the town hall, as well as most of you air bombs. make it look like there might be a lot of bombs, but only put your skeletonn traps (or if you don’t have those, a few bombs, because a balanced base needs traps on all sides) also, make sure the clan castle is just in range of any archers trying to take down the town hall, and also protect the side of the town hall that is most exposed with a mix of high and low hitpoint buildings. (not labs or camps, they make the th seem to far away). This kind of base tricks opponents to try to use small waves of troops to take down the town hall, so you defenses can take them down one by one. The base must be exactly balanced to give the impression that the th is protected, but not hard to get. That will make the attacker waste his troops on the actually best defended place in the entire base.
    When someone who does not have way better troops than any base of your level can defend from attacks this base in war, it is fairly easy to get one star, but hard to get two, and impossible to get three. This is why:
    Attacker one: attacks from the side that does not have the town hall, and tries to get 50 percent. He gets it without much difficulty, but then realizes that the town hall is so well protected that no matter what they do, they can’t ge the two star, so they end the battle with only one star.
    Attacker two: attacks from all sides of the base with tanking troops in the front (for example, giants or golems) and high damage but low health troops (for example, archers, wizards, witches) the giants are taken out guickly with spring traps, and the golems cannot get throught the walls, so the attacker basically wasted their troop spaces on the tanking troops. While they might get the 50 %, the town halkl wasn’t even touched.
    Attacker three: attacks with air troops. This is where you have to use your own improvisation skills. The base must ba able to defend well against air troops, if it can’t, that’s your problem.
    Attacker four: attacks with waves of barbarians and giants and archers and wizards. he doesn’t want to waste rage spells so early, so he trys to overwhelm the defenses with many waves of troops. First wave is taken out by the traps, second wave is taken out by the teslas and other defenses, third wave, which includes the hero(s) finally take down the town hall, but he has no troops left so he ends the attack with around 10 to 20%.
    Attacker five: finnaly, a smart guy. He uses strong troops and spells, powers through the town hall defense very quickly, and then use good strategies and continues taking down the rest of the base with a lot of remaining troops. He gets two or three stars, but don’t be mad, there were still four guys before who completely wasted their attacks.


    • Good eyes! However, this is a war base! It’s trying to trick a lower level into sniping your TH for only one star, instead of a three star.


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