New Single Player Maps in June 2015 Update?

Will there be new single player maps in the June 2015 update? Or will we even see another update until July? My guess is that we will be seeing new single player maps in the next Clash of Clans update. There is some reasoning behind this too! I have a few example of a chance of new goblin maps coming in the next update!  

Clash of Clans New Single Player Maps June 2015

YouTubers going out to Finland

So if you haven’t heard already all of the big YouTubers, such as Galadon, Chief Pat, and ClashOnGan, have gone out to Finland, where Clash of Clans HQ is to do something secretive. The last time a lot of YouTubers went out to Finland was to release Clan Wars! This means that something big is in the works there. My guess is that it is new single player maps, if not maybe even TH11!

Chief Pat tweeting about single player maps

We hear it all the time; Chief Pat complaining about the need for some new single player maps. But lately he has been tweeting about it a lot more than usual, which leads me to believe that this might be happening soon! Here are some of those tweets:

The need for a big update

The last major update that Clash of Clans has had was the “Clan Wars” update. That was in April of 2014! We need a major update that get the players hooked on the game again! 14 months is way too long for Clash of Clans to wait to implement another huge feature into the game. I truly do believe that we will be seeing something special, hopefully new single players maps, this June or July.

Clash of Clans New Update

Ideas on New Single Player Maps

Now, there are a lot of different things that new single player maps could look like. There are a lot of options and here are my top ones.

  • Simply add on another 50 levels to the current map
  • Add a daily single player map
  • Have fan given single player maps
  • Add a different 5-10 each month

So those are just a few guesses to what could happen if Clash of Clans were to implement new single player maps in the next update. Hopefully, this will come into place; I personally would LOVE this feature! Thanks for reading and make sure to check out a few of our other articles!

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