Clash for Dummies on YouTube!

You heard that right, Clash for Dummies will soon have their very own YouTube channel for Clash of Clans! You can see our helpful articles in real time videos soon! Here’s a link to our channel; be sure to subscribe!

What will be on the channel?

Content is very important to us and we want to thrive to make the BEST videos we possibly can. Not to worry though, there will still be daily posts on here as well as on YouTube. We are committed to bringing you the best content we possibly can. You can vote on what you want to see the most on in our new channel!

Vote on what you want and that is what we will bring you! Once again, make sure to subscribe using the link above. In case you are wondering, videos will be starting in mid-June! Daily posts on the website will still be happening though, not to worry! See you guys later!

Clash of Clans YouTube

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