Weekly Base Review #17

Hello once again guys! Today, I have for you the 17th weekly base review. We analyze the base design along with building level. Today I will be analyzing kush from the clan Snaikes!

TH9 Base Design Clash of Clans

Good job with:

-Upgraded Air Defense: Level 6 AD is always good to have, especially for war defending against LaLoonion. Great work!

-Army Camps!: Nice work with your camps. One more and you will be closing in on that 220 troop space!

-Base Design: It seems to me that your base design looks pretty decent. Centralized DE, heroes, and X-Bows are a plus.

Needs improvement overtime:

-Walls, Walls, Walls: Keep grinding out your walls. I would try to get level 8 and then start on your level 9s.

-TH9 Defenses: So far I see no defenses that have hit TH9 level. Try to upgrade a few of those or else you are still a TH8.

Needs to be fixed ASAP:

-Bad Barracks: What is up with your barrack level? It is much easier if you have all your barracks to level 10.

-One Dark Barrack?: Why do you only have one dark barrack?! Two would end up being EXTREMELY helpful for troop training.

Favorite feature of base: Right now, there isn’t anything special about your base. Hopefully, you have just upgraded to TH9. In that case, great job on nearly maxing Town Hall 8, and try to continue it with TH9. However, you have got to start looking like a Town Hall 9, not a TH8 base with a Town Hall 9 building. Keep it up and start to dominate!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Base Review #17

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  2. You know, if you want to find out how recently he became town hall 9, check his queen level on his profile. A lot of people try to get those as soon as they can after upgrading their town hall.


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