Best TH10 War Base Design for 2015!

Finally, the best TH10 war base design for 2015! This includes Anti-LavaLoonion and Anti-GoWiPe, the two most popular attack strategies at Town Hall 10. You need to be able to defend these two attack strategies to be able to succeed at war for TH10. Prevent a two star when you are Town Hall 10, and  you will become valuable beyond belief in war.

TH10 War Base Anti-GoWiPe

Town Hall 10 War Base 2015 Anti GoWiPe  Town Hall 10 War Base 2015 Anti GoWiPe

GoWipe is the #1 two star strategy when it comes to war. If you are able to defend for a one star, your clan will greatly admire you. To create the prefect TH10 GoWiPe base, you need a base that has multi-target inferno tower. This will FRY the wizards that come into to try and take out our Town Hall for the two star. Also, your X-Bows need to be set to ground mode, obviously. You need to make sure you have your infernos and heroes centralized so that they are able to stop the opponents troops when they are in the core. Follow these steps and that is how you will prevent your base from being GoWiPed for 2 stars.

TH10 War Base Anti-LavaLoonion

Town Hall 10 War Base 2015 Anti LavaLoonion

Town Hall 10 War Base 2015 Anti LavaLoonion

LavaLoonion is another very popular strategy at TH10. If used skillfully, it can actually three star well upgraded Town Hall 10s. You’ve got to be able to prevent this. The first thing you need is centralized AD and a centralized queen. These are the most important things. Next, your X-Bows needs to be in air mode and your inferno towers should be multi-target. You need a pretty spread out base, that way the loons head around the base instead of going to the core. Make sure that you have some sort of defense that can shoot air at every point in your base. Defend against that 3 star!

So those are how you defend against TH10 attack strategies. Defend at Town Hall 10 and war will become SO much easier for you! Thanks for reading you guys!

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