Clan War Strategy through the Ages

Ever since Clan Wars were introduced back in April 2014, strategy has been constantly evolving to try and succeed at clan wars. There is always a brand new attack strategy to try out and new things to learn. Today I will be telling you guys exactly how Clan Wars strategy has formed in the last 14 months starting with April of 2014!

Clan War Strategy in April 2014

So in April, war just came out and no one really knew what exactly to do. Many new strategies came out, but the one that was the most popular was hogs. EVERYONE hogged during this time, regardless of if it was a Town Hall 10 with multi-infernos. Hog Riders were much better than they are now, heal spells were barely required.

No clan war infrastructure existed yet; most clans would just do whatever, and didn’t realize the ins and out of war as we do now.

Clan War Strategy in July 2014

There was an update released last July that sent the community into an uproar! Clash of Clans decided to nerf hogs, making their health much, much, much lower. The upper Town Hall levels, 9 and 10, were forced to turn away from this strategy, since the hogs would be killed easily.

So, then GoWiPe then emerged as the most popular clan war strategy. There was no more three starring in high level attacks, except for the occasional overrun. The goal was two stars and Clash of Clans realized this….

Clan War Strategy in November 2014

So in October, Clash of Clans had a brand new update and they released a brand new troop: the Lava Hound! For 2 weeks or so, some new strategy ideas were tossed around until finally LavaLoonion emerged as the best! Lavaloonion could be used to beat BOTH TH9 and TH10s.

However, there were some issues. It was realized early on that the Archer Queen could WRECK the balloons. But, LavaLoonion was still the best strategy, so people continued using it to try and three star the upper levels.

Clan War Strategy in March 2015

Around this time, some serious war clans were developing. These guys took war very seriously and only accepted three stars. That’s why they modified some strategies and into the mixed strategy era we go!

Strategies such as Shattered LaLoon (a golem and queen take out the opposing queen and one AD, then standard LavaLoon behind) and HoLoWiWi (Hogs, Balloons, Wizards, and Witches) became the best way to three star bases. This is still true today although hogs are making a return at TH8 and TH9!

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