2 Air Sweeper Base Design for TH10

So Im finally back with the 2 air sweeper base design for Town Hall 10. With the 2nd air sweeper in the summer update, a lot of base designs have had to change a lot. However, you can take an existing base and simply change it up a bit which is exactly what I did with these two. The air sweepers should always point away from each other so they don’t cover the same area.

2 Air Sweepers TH10 Farming Base


2 Air Sweepers TH10 Pushing Base

So that’s it for the TH10 base design with the air sweeper. I will be coming out with some individual base designs soon for both TH9 and TH10 which will give you a bit more flexibility. If you missed the TH9 version of this post, check it out here: https://clashfordummies.com/2015/07/05/2-air-sweeper-base-design-for-th9/

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