Clash of Clans Hero Upgrading Strategy

In Clash of Clans, the heroes: the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen are a huge part of your army! They are after all, called the KING and the QUEEN. Its very important to know how to upgrade your heroes to maximize efficiency and also get the most of them! Ill be going through each TH level and explaining what to do when upgrading your heroes.

Town Hall 7 Hero Strategy

At Town Hall 7, its pretty simple to what you are supposed to do! Get your king to 5 as fast as you can so that you can unlock the Iron Fist ability. I would recommend not upgrading to TH8 until your king is level 5.

Town Hall 8 Hero Strategy

Similar to Town Hall 7, you are only upgrading your king. When you upgrade it to level 10, it unlocks the 2nd tier of the Iron Fist, which is EXTREMELY helpful in close raids. Once again, just keep upgrading it to 10, and don’t get TH9 until it is 10.

Town Hall 9 Hero Strategy

Finally at TH9, hero upgrading strategy gets interesting. You now have an archer queen, and it matters in what order to upgrade your heroes. First off, I would upgrade your queen to 5 so that you can unlock the Invisibility Cloak upgrade. After that, get your king an upgrade and get him to level 15. Never do individual upgrade; always do 5 at a time so that the new tier to the ability is unlocked. After your king gets to 15, do your queen to 10 and then to 15. After that, alternate upgrading your heroes by 5 levels; king to 20, queen to 20, king to 25, queen to 25, etc.

Town Hall 10 Hero Strategy

At Town Hall 10, you want to continue the strategy as above. If you managed to max your heroes at TH9 (level 30s of both), then do king to 40, and then queen to 40. However, if they are both 25, 20, or 15, continue upgrading them by 5s until they both reach level 30, then do 10 levels at once.

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