6 New Cards Coming in Clash Royale!

The third sneak peek in Clash Royale dropped this morning and it was 6 new cards that will be joining Clash Royale in this update!

6 New Troops Clash Royale

So what are all of these troops??

Royal Giant: Common, this new giant costs 6 elixir, but the extra elixir cost is worth it, because this troop shoots from a distance! Not quite as tanky as the giant, but used right, the royal giant can wreck havoc on your defenses.

Poison Spell: Epic, the poison spell works exactly like it does in Clash of Clans, only in Clash Royale, it also slowly whittles down buildings as well! This is the spell to bring against spawners!

Dark Prince: Epic, the dark prince works almost the exact same as the regular prince, except the dark prince costs 4 elixir, is a bit weaker, and also has a shield which deflects the first bit of damage against it!

Three Musketeers: Rare, the three musketeers is exactly as it sounds, its three musketeers! This unit costs 10 elixir, but be careful, one well placed fireball could take out all 3!

Ice Wizard: Legendary, the ice wizard is basically a regular wizard except it shoots ice. The ice works to slow down approaching troops along with doing splash damage. Its all pretty good for 3 elixir!

Princess: Legendary, the princess is soon going to become one of the most used cards in the game! She can shoot enemy towers from across the map, only costing 3 elixir. However, she is extremely weak and can be taken out with a fireball!

All pretty good troops that can be incorporated in lots of different decks! I can’t wait to see the new troops in a battle, along with legendary cards. Check back here tomorrow for hopefully another sneak peek!

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