Friendly Challenge Restrictions Update

Clash of Clans just announced that there will be restrictions on Friendly Challenges. Obviously, this makes sense since it could be taken advantage of easily in war clans. You could repeatedly attack your opponents base design, until you get it just right. Therefore, Clash of Clans has made a few restrictions on Friendly Challenges:

  • Layouts modified within the last 24 hours will not be available for Friendly Challenges
  • Town Hall 8 and below layouts modified in the last day will be available
  • You can no longer scout your opponent’s war base during Preparation Day
  • Base now shows as his or her active village

Friendly Challenges UPDATED

Not too bad of changes; it was probably to be expected as there would be an uproar in the war community if this did not happen. I think it is strange TH8s can still do Friendly Challenges; they are still very important to war. All in all, smart changes by Clash of Clans to keep war players happen, yet still be able to have friendly battles for constant war players, as long as their base isn’t updated.

I’m kind of disappointed there was no real sneak peek today, but we will have to wait and see what tomorrow holds!  Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow for, hopefully, the next sneak peek!

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