Another New Troop LEAKED for May 2016 Update!

Yes, the 12th elixir troop was leaked today! The 11th new troop was leaked a few days ago, but this leads up to the 2nd new troop leaked within the past few days for the May update. Here’s a glimpse of the level 12 barrack!

New Level 12 Barrack Clash of Clans

So this one seems to have a lava them to it. It still has the same overall look as the level 10 and level 11 barracks just with fire! This new troop may be fire spirits from Clash Royale! If Clash of Clans adds 2 Clash Royale troops, we would be looking at a complete mixing of the the two games. Im not sure if it actually is fire spirits or another lava related card. Here’s a picture of the level 10, 11, and 12 barracks all together:

New Troop LEAKED Clash of Clans

So we’ve got the level 10 barracks with the P.E.K.K.A. on the left. Next would be the presumed level 12 barracks with a new troop. On the far right, is the level 11 barracks with most likely the miner.

Read about the Level 11 Barrack Leak:

So basically, that is two confirmed new troops we will be seeing, along with 2 new spells, one dark and one elixir. This update should be crazy, one of the biggest Clash of Clans updates in a while! Keep checking back here for more news on the update!

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