5 Best Cards in Clash Royale!

The best cards in Clash Royale are often debated a lot throughout Clash Royale! This list will be the 5 best, most valued cards for their elixir, not just the best 5 cards overall. Here’s my video recapping the whole top 5!

5 Best Cards Video

5 Best Cards in Clash Royale

5. Cannon- The cannon is far and away the most valuable defense in Clash Royale. For only 3 elixir, you are able to distract the royal giant, hog, and giant which means that they can’t go for your tower. With both towers shooting the hog and the giant, the unit will fall before reaching your tower. This is so valuable to have in your deck which is why most players choose it as a cheap alternative to the tesla or the inferno tower.

4. Fire Spirits- Fire spirits have quickly risen to popularity since their slow start when they were released. The reason why? Fire spirits offer such a positive elixir trade on almost any card you play them on. Instead of using arrows, which cost 3 elixir, why not use fire spirits for one cheaper… they do the same amount of damage. Fire spirits are able to take out an entire minion horde, making a positive 3 elixir trade, which is why they are one of the best cards in Clash Royale.

3. Zap- The zap, which used to be one of the least valued cards in Clash Royale, is now one of the most popular, at both high and lower levels. Its one second freeze time makes it so valuable for just 2 elixir. By using the zap spell, it allows your hog to get another shot off on the opponent’s tower. The best thing about the zap is the ability to take out fire spirits, goblins, spear goblins, and skeletons. It can almost almost obliviate minion horde, when combined with your tower can take it out.

2. Ice Wizard- The first non common card to make the top 5 best cards list, the ice wizard certainly earns its spot, through both support and defense. The ice wizard is considered by some to be the best support card in the game along with fire spirits. When played with the hog or royal giant, the combination is almost unstoppable. The ice wizard is able to take out minion horde easily, plus the slowing effect makes it such a valuable card for only 3 elixir.

1. Princess- Last, but DEFINITELY not least, is the princess in the number one position. The princess is the only card that can three crown an opponent all by itself, which makes it have to be countered. Most counters to the princess will be a positive elixir trade, making it very valuable. Of course the princess also does great damage to the tower should it lock onto it and it can take out lots of spam units easily; the only problem with the princess is its slow shooting speed.

So those are the top 5 cards in Clash Royale! I hope you enjoyed reading about this and so see more videos about Clash Royale, subscribe to us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNo3IxCrp34erbCRLmG8HIA

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