3 Best Clash Royale Arena 6 Decks

Builder’s Workshop has the ability to unlock 3 different legendaries, but we will try to limit the number of legendary cards used in these 3 best decks for Arena 6 forward. These decks here will propel you above 2000 trophies as you really start to become a great player in Clash Royale. Enjoy these best decks for Arena 6! Not Arena 6? Check below!

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Best Arena 6 Decks

Hog Spam Arena 6 Deck

Hog Spam Arena 6 Deck

Just like the last two best decks per arena, a hog cycle/spam deck makes the Arena 6 best decks too. With every new arena unlocked, a new card appears, making this deck even stronger. For Arena 6, you want to get the hog in front, with all the small units in behind. A furnace should be placed both as a defense and as a spawner to help your hog push. Try to put down your elixir collector as quickly as possible to get the elixir advantage. This deck is super cheap, so with a minute left, you should be pumping out troops.

Miner Arena 6 Deck

Miner Arena 6 Deck

If you are lucky enough to unlock the miner, you need to use it its full potential! The best way to do this is a variation of the deck I actually use. The miner is supposed to be used as a distraction as well as a quality damage dealer. The best push for this best deck is miner placed far side, followed up with mini-P.E.K.K.A. and fire spirits with the zap at the ready. There is basically nothing that can stop this push so expect major damage to your opponents tower.

Golem Arena 6 Deck

Golem Arena 6 Deck

The golem is finally unlocked in Arena 6 so of course you need an OP golem deck to completely destroy players down here. An elixir collector is so important in this deck because the golem is so expensive. Play defense the entire game, while building elixir collectors and as soon as double elixir hits, place your golem in the back. Build up troops behind it to do a lot of damage and hopefully this push will completely overwhelm the other player. At least thats how it is supposed to go.

Have fun using these Arena 6 decks to get high in trophies. I would recommend sticking with one and becoming really good with using it. These decks should get you to Arena 7, which will be the focus of the next article. See you then!

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