Clash Royale September 2016 Update Leaked!

The September 2016 update for Clash Royale will be coming shortly and it is almost guaranteed that this new update to Clash Royale is going to be massive. We should start seeing some sneak peeks shortly! A lot of this new update will be focused on balancing the game and making sure that Clash Royale can be played for many years to come.

A lot of players have been complaining about certain cards and most of those cards happen to be legendaries. The balancing added should change this exponentially. So let’s go ahead and take a look at these changes that should be coming!

New Troop Buffs!

Clash Royale is an ever changing game which means that troops are constantly having to be buffed and nerfed in order to keep the game balanced. This time, it has been 3 specific troops that have been leaked to get a big buff in the next Clash Royale update!

-Log Buff: It is practically undebatable that the log is the worst legendary card in Clash Royale right now. Therefore, Clash Royale has to do something in this September update in order to make it more powerful. The leak shows that the log will be able to push back all units, regardless of size when Clash Royale gets updated.

Log Clash Royale

-Baby Dragon Buff: While the baby dragon is pretty strong at lower levels, it weakens quickly once you hit about Arena 5 or so. It is practically never used in Arena 8 and Arena 9. Therefore, we will most likely be seeing a damage or health increase in the September 2016 update so that this troop can be used more.

Baby Dragon Clash Royale

-Archers Buff: While archers are a decent card, they are really underused because they don’t do a lot of damage. They two shot goblins for crying out loud! In the September update for Clash Royale, we will be seeing a damage increase for archers because they just don’t do enough damage right now.

Archers Clash Royale

Clash Royale Game Changes

One of the biggest problems in Clash Royale in Legendary Arena right now is win trading. Clash Royale has confirmed that they will be doing something to counter win trading in the next update for the game.

The training camp is another useless feature once you pass Arena 3. The AI sucks and needs to be improved. Clash Royale asked for ideas, so we should be seeing something unique in the works.

New Tournaments!

Tournaments are honestly terrible right now, so Clash Royale knows that they need to come out with a new tournament mode or else the community is going to be mad. Some new changes will be made to help tournaments get better so it should be pretty exciting to see what Clash Royale implements!

Tournaments Clash Royale

New Cards and Legendary Cards

New cards will almost certainly making an appearance in the September update sneak peeks, but we won’t know what these will be until the sneak peek actually drops. Clash Royale has stated before that they want as many cards as possible in the game so that there will be a wide variety of gameplay. Look for maybe 3-4 new cards in the September update.

Four New Cards Clash Royale


The change to legendary cards that is happening is overall not good for the game. I understand that a lot of free to play players don’t have legendaries and I am lucky enough to have 2. However, the change that Clash Royale is implementing, making legendaries more obtainable, is not overall good for the game. Legendary cards should be legendary, meaning every player should have 1, 2, or 3 if very lucky. They shouldn’t be as easily bought, and no player should possibly have all 7, let alone all 7 max level.

Well, that is the whole September update that has been leaked so far. There will probably be more changes in the sneak peeks when they do begin, so check back soon to catch more Clash Royale update news!

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