Manage your Resources in Clash of Clans!

Resources in Clash of Clans are the most important tool in the game so you need to know how to manage your resources well to get maximum output from your gold, elixir, and dark elixir! Below, I’ll give a few simple steps to manage your money!

Know your Army Cost

Knowing your army cost can save you a TON of elixir down the road. If your elixir cost is too high, then you risk losing more elixir than you gain from a high loot raid. If you keep the cost of your army cheap, then in return you will net more elixir and dark elixir. However, don’t make it so cheap that you won’t be able to steal all the loot! A good balance is what you are truly looking for.

Clash of Clans Army Cost

Collect your Resources

Of course, one of the best things to constantly collect your resources out of pumps and mines so you don’t have any excess resources just sitting in your mines. It is much better to be protected in your storages. Log onto Clash of Clans as often as you can in order to tap those collectors!

Clash of Clans Resources

Never Have Excess Gold/Elixir

If you are ready to make an upgrade right away, never sit on a bunch of gold and elixir. It makes the opponent loot grab that much more and will in turn make you lose more resources versus if you spent your money right away. So as soon as you have enough resources to upgrade what you want to, go ahead and do it!

Clash of Clans Gold Elixir Those are my 3 very simple tips to manage your resources a lot better in Clash of Clans! You will be able to upgrade your defenses and troops much faster and efficiently if you follow these tips! See you tomorrow with a new Clash Royale or Clash of Clans article!

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