Clash Royale Updating Card Tier List 9/28

A Clash Royale Tier List is a “list” that ranks all the cards in Clash Royale, starting at A and ending in D. Today, I have started a Clash Royale UPDATING Tier List, which will be updated every time a new card comes out or a new balance changes is updated. Here’s what al the ranks mean:

A Tier: These are the cards that define the meta. They are the top used cards and can be put in any deck or have a deck made around them.

B Tier: These are some of the best support cards in Clash Royale. Well rounded cards that can be put in almost every deck which some degree of success.

C Tier: These cards are mediocre at best. They can be used well in some decks and in some niche situations, but generally they have big flaws that make them unpopular within the game.

D Tier: These cards are the worst of the worst in Clash Royale. Basically never used and will not be of value in any decks. There are much better alternatives to these cards which leads them to rarely be used.

Clash Royale Tier List September 2016

So that was the first Clash for Dummies tier list for Clash Royale! Let me know in the comments below if you agree or disagree with my tiers. See you guys soon with some more Clash Royale content!

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