Ice Golem Clash Royale New Rare Card!

The inferno dragon new legendary card was released today, which means that the next card available is now shown in your cards!  The next Clash Royale card will be the ice golem! This proves that the leak was correct and that the next legendary card will be the graveyard spell!

Clash Royale Ice Golem New Card

Ice Golem New Rare Card

So what exactly is the ice golem? Think about it as a really small golem, with the HP equal to a baby dragon and damage equal to skeletons. However, he only costs 2 elixir, so it is kind of worth it.

The best thing about the ice golem is not his tankiness, but it is his freeze that occurs when he dies. After the ice golem dies, it gives off a ice wizard type freeze for all units around! Pretty worth it for 2 elixir.

Ice Golem Strategy

With the ice golem, I think we are going to see lumberjack strategy, that is, sending in the ice golem first to do some tanking and then using the slowing he gives off to do some major damage. I really think that the ice golem will do well in the following decks-

  • Chip damage decks
  • Golem decks
  • Hog-cycle decks

Overall, I think that the ice golem is a really neat card that was really needed in Clash Royale! It will be a nice new update to the game that will change strategy forever. For only 2 elixir, you can get a nice tank along with a slowing effect when it dies, essentially combining the lumberjack and ice spirit into one unit.

Clash Royale Ice Golem LEAKED

To close out, I think Clash Royale did a great job designing the ice golem to be a new unique card in the game. It is almost the exact opposite of the inferno dragon (ice-fire, ground-air), which looks to be OP. I think that the ice golem will be strong but not OP. Check back soon for more ice golem news!

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