NEW DEFENSE in Clash of Clans- Bomb Tower!

There is going to be a new defense in Clash of Clans as the sneak peek was released today! That new defense is the bomb tower, just like the defense in Clash Royale! It is completely insane to beat hog, barch, and miners, leaving a bomb behind when it dies, similar to the giant skeleton in Clash Royale!

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Sneak Peek

Looks very impressive and should shake up this game a lot, very quickly! Here are the stats for  the bomb tower at each Town Hall level and how many of them you can have!

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Stats

  • 1 level 1 bomb tower at TH8
  • 1 level 3 bomb tower at TH9
  • 2 level 4 bomb towers at TH10

So similarly to the air sweeper, there won’t be too many of these in Clash of Clans. Check out what the bomb tower looks like in the actual game!

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower in Game

You might be thinking, this bomb tower has completely killed the already dead strategies of hogs and witches! However, I beg to differ. Check out these changes below!

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Sneak Peek Update

Hog and Witch BUFFS!

The witches have had their HPs, drastically increased! Apparently it is a ton, enough to bring witches back into the game to stay!

Hog riders are now immune to having double giant bomb 1.5 damage, meaning despite the bomb tower, we should see more TH8s and TH9s using hogs!


That’s all this sneak peek was today, but tomorrow’s Clash of Clans sneak peek is sure to be great! I’m really enjoying the sneak peeks so far for this October update, they have all really been needed in the game. Starting with the new levels, it will help balance out TH11 a lot more. The bomb tower will also help with that balancing. The sneak peek yesterday, about army training is awesome and will help everyone out! See you guys tomorrow for the next sneak peek!

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