New Bomb Tower Base Design in Clash of Clans

With the introduction of the bomb tower in the October 2016 Clash of Clans update, all players need new base design to fit with this bomb tower. In this, Ill be sharing how to best design a new Clash of Clans base with the bomb tower inside that applies to all Town Halls, whether TH8, TH9, TH10, or TH11.

Clash of Clans Maxed Level Bomb Towers Base Design

Bomb Tower Base Design for Farming

For farming, the bomb tower is a dream come true for defending against barch. Now obviously, because barch doesn’t target your inside storages, you want to make a base design that is sure the bomb tower is on the outside of the base and can target any barch units that come near the outside of your base.

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Base Design Farming

For this base, the bomb tower is able to reach any units that begin to get close to the center. You don’t want to have it so close that it will be the outside defense, but make sure it can hit barch units that try to take out your storages.

Bomb Tower Base Design for Pushing

Because the bomb tower does so much damage toward miners and valkyries, you will definitely want to keep it towards the center of your base near the Town Hall when you are pushing in trophies. For a bomb tower pushing base design, the bomb tower needs to be able to cover the Town Hall if any units get near.

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Base Design Pushing

As you can see, my bomb tower is placed in the middle of the village, instead of outside where it will be taken out quickly. This should become one of the more powerful defenses in the game, and you need it front and center!

How to Design a Bomb Tower Base Layout

Notice how all I did to switch around the bomb tower is move a couple of buildings to create the best bomb tower defensive base? That’s all you need to do as well! Take your current base and move some buildings and walls around a bit until your bomb tower will flow well with your base design!

Clash of Clans Bomb Tower Base Design Layots

That’s all for designing a bomb tower base in Clash of Clans! So far I am loving the new update, there will be many more articles to follow about all the features of the October 2016 update! Thanks for reading and I will see you guys later with more Clash of Clans content!

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