Dark Elixir Update in Clash Royale?

Could we ever see dark elixir in Clash Royale? Today, we will go over if a dark elixir update in Clash Royale would ever work and what dark elixir cards we could see in this update! This is purely hypothetical; Clash Royale has not announced a dark elixir update coming anytime soon!

Clash Royale Dark Elixir Update Leaked

What Would Dark Elixir Be Like?

The dark elixir bar in Clash Royale would just be just below the regular elixir bar that already exists in the game. Another option would be to have the elixir bar smaller, and have the dark elixir bar to right of it.

Of course, dark elixir would fill up at the same time as elixir, but it would only have 5 possible spaces, along with it slowing twice as slowly. That way, you would hit 10 elixir and 5 dark elixir at the same time!

Possible Dark Elixir Cards

  • Dark Elixir Drill- Exactly like the elixir collector, except this mines DE! (4 elixir)
  • Dark Spirits- Similar to fire spirits, but instead of doing splash damage, they do insane damage to a single unit. (2)
  • Minion Spawner- Another spawner added to the group, but this one gives minions (3)
  • Pixie- Long range, air unit with very low health (4)
  • Smoke Screen- Screens your troops from the opponents view, along with their towers (3)
  • Healer- Heals your troops until she goes down! (5)

So those are just some really quick ideas for dark elixir cards that could be added into Clash Royale. Personally, I think that dark elixir would make Clash Royale extremely complicated, since you would have to follow two different bars and have to plan pushes around each bar. Anyways, tell me if you like the idea of dark elixir and what cards you would add into the game with it! I’ll see you guys soon with some more Clash Royale content!

3 thoughts on “Dark Elixir Update in Clash Royale?

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  2. Smoke screen! Where did you get that idea?
    I think there would be more cards than that for dark elixir. In my opinion, the graveyard spell and a lot of other cards could be converted to dark elixir.


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