Clash Royale Balance Changes Update 10/20

A new Clash Royale balance changes update will be dropping on 10/20 which huge changes to cards that honestly needed to be buffed. Ill be going over all the balance changes and the changes to the cards in today’s article!

As with all balance changes, nerfs will be in blue, while buffs will be in red!

  • Giant: Hitpoints reduced by 5%
  • Poison: Will no longer slow movement or attack speed
  • Elixir Collector: Cost increased to 6, gain increased to 8, lifetime increase by 10 seconds
  • The Log: Rolls further and faster, damage increase by 9%
  • Skeleton Army: Cost reduced to 3, skeletons reduced to 15, skeleton level increased by 5
  • Ice Golem: Death will do damage to flying units
  • Golem: Death will do damage to flying units

Clash Royale Balance Changes 10/20


Now the biggest thing that we see in this set of balance changes is the clear nerfing of the current OP strategy of giant-poison. The giant will be easier to kill, and nerf of the poison will make it much easier to kill this push. Also, the elixir collector nerf needed to happen, since at 5 elixir it was just way too easy to gain elixir from it. Having it at 6 elixir will make it much less popular.


Despite a buff to the log last balance change, the log gets another buff which should definitely increase its popularity. Also, the skeleton army received a MASSIVE buff! Only 5 skeletons were taken away for an elixir less cost. Also, their level being higher will help a ton. The ice golem and golem buffs are minor, but still impactful for killing these units with minions.

That’s all for this round of balance changes! Make sure to come back tomorrow for more Clash Royale content. I can’t wait to see what these balance changes will do, especially for the skeleton army and the giant-poison meta. Keep on clashing!



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