3 Easy Ways to Kill the Princess in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, the princess is one of the most dangerous cards in left untreated. Today, I will teach you guys how to counter the princess and the three best cards to kill the princess in Clash Royale. Lets go ahead and get into how to beat the princess!

1- Log

The number one way to counter the princess is by far the log. In fact, the reason the log has risen in popularity is because it’s so easy to kill the princess with. The log actually saves you 1 elixir, along as damaging the tower and pushing back other troops in the log’s range.

Clash Royale Princess vs Log

2- Arrows

Arrows are the next best counter to the princess because it is the same cost as the princess and along with taking the princess out, it will damage the tower. Beware though, you could need these arrows for the minion horde or skeleton army.

Clash Royale Princess vs Arrows

3- Miner

The miner is another great way to take out the princess, but he is worse off than the other two for two main reasons. First, if your opponent surrounds the princess with troops, its possible the miner won’t actually kill the princess. Second, you may need the miner for an offensive push and it is better not to use him on defense.

Clash Royale Princess vs MinerThis was just a short and quick guide on countering the princess today! Thanks a ton for reading, and come back tomorrow for more Clash of Clans or Clash Royale content! See you guys soon and clash on!

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4 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Kill the Princess in Clash Royale

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  2. The poison is ok as well, as it also prevents other cards from being placed onto the area in a while. Without the slowing that it used to have, though, the poison is not as good as it was before.


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