Double Elixir Tournament LEAKED in Clash Royale

That’s right the next special event tournament in Clash Royale which was leaked will be a double elixir tournament! To sum it all up, you will basically be earning double elixir throughout the entire Clash Royale attack, with maybe a 4x elixir boost in the final minute! Here is the leak from a few days ago:

Clash Royale Double Elixir Tournament Leaked

Basically, this guy set his phone ahead a few days and got this notification that says the double elixir challenge has started! November 25th is the date; be ready! Of course, with every new special event, you will be some awesome decks to win!

Decks for Double Elixir Challenge

With double elixir, you should definitely be playing an expensive deck, where you can load up on all troops to start a massive push. Here are the best decks you should use for this event!

  • Golem Beatdown Decks
  • Lava Hound Lightning Decks
  • Royal Giant Decks
  • Giant Beatdown Decks

That’s all for today; thanks for reading and start practicing these decks for the double elixir challenge! Ill see you guys tomorrow with more Clash Royale or Clash of Clans content!

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