Clash Royale eSports: Crown Championship

Clash  Royale is officially becoming an eSports with the introduction of the Crown Championship. This will be the biggest Clash Royale competition in history and hopefully launch Clash Royale into the eSports scene as a major player! Here’s the explanation behind the Crown Championship and how you can join to compete in Clash Royale as an eSport!

Clash Royale eSports Crown Championship

What is the Crown Championship

The crown championship is one of the first eSports championships for Clash Royale. Here is the information Clash Royale released on the Crown Championship:

  • A massive, open competition for the title of greatest Clash Royale players in the world, designed for fair, competitive formats.
  • The definitive, ongoing Clash Royale global esports competition – where anyone can join, starting with multiple global regions in Spring Season and full access by Fall Season in August 2017.
  • Over $1 Million USD in prizes in the first year, with multiple seasons of league play culminating in an international live Grand Finals event in November.

So you might be wondering about the spring season and fall season. Well, the whole world won’t be able to participate in the spring season; sort of like a beta version for the future. Here is a map for what countries will be able to compete in the spring season versus the later fall season.

Clash Royale eSports Spring Season Fall Season

So what exactly makes up a “season”? Well, the spring season will last from May to July. while the fall season lasts from August to November. Here is what happens in the Crown Championship during each season.

Clash Royale eSports Crown Championship

Phase 1: This is just the beginning qualifying round. Join a tournament and do well to advance into the next phase.

Phase 2: There will be 8 different brackets and you will need to advance, March Madness style! Winner goes to phase 3.

Phase 3: You will battle the other 7 players over and over; just don’t get bottom 2!

Phase 4: The ultimate championship! Lose twice and you are out, win all and you are the champion!

I hope that I explained all of that well. It was confusing to me when I first tried to learn about the Crown Championship, but now I’ve got it mastered! If you are curious about more or don’t quite understand, visit this link to learn more. Now, let’s talk about how you guys can join the crown championship!

How to Join the Crown Championship

Before you even think about joining, there are a few requirements you have to hit. First off, you have to live in one of the countries that the spring season is available for. Second, you obviously have to have a level 8 account to compete in tournaments. Also, you have to be at least 16 years old to compete.

So to register to compete in the Crown Championship, visit this link here. From there, click the register button in the top left and fill out all the respective information.

From there, it will take to your profile, which is how you will find tournaments to join and information to advance.

Clash Royale eSports Crown Championship

I’m super excited to see the growth of Clash Royale as an eSport! I hope that you guys will join and attempt to win that big 1 million dollars by going all the way. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the Crown Championship!

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      • Lol, I’m not old enough either. I think that I would have a good chance of at least winning one of the in-game tournaments though! And yeah, I pretty much look like I’m 16 😉


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