Most Meta Deck #12: LavaLoonion Deck 3.0

The best deck in Clash Royale is always changing and right now it is a solid LavaLoonion deck, the third LavaLoonion deck to be featured in the most meta deck. While the meta is changing within Clash Royale, so are the cards within the best LavaLoonion deck. Here’s an in depth look into this great LavaLoonion deck and how to win with it in Clash Royale!
Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

LavaLoonion Deck 3.0 Overview

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

This LavaLoonion deck, as the name suggests, features both the lava hound and balloon as the main offensive cards. The lava hound should always be set up with in the back of your side, allowing you to build up elixir to support it with other cards. By itself, the lava hound can’t do a lot of damage and relies on being a tank to be a solidly used card. The balloon can be used in two ways in this deck. First off, you can drop it behind the LH to do some real damage if your opponent doesn’t counter it properly. Secondly, the balloon can be played alone, if you don’t feel like building up for a big push. Just add a support unit to help out!

Speaking of support units, this LavaLoonion deck features 3 great troops. First off, you have the skeleton army, used for ground attacks when ground defenses is heavily lacking. Similar to the skeleton army, the weaker, but more versatile goblin gang offers a lot of defensive value against big tanks. Lastly, since we have an air deck, we have to have an air support unit and the best card to fill that role is the mega minion. The mega minion can play defense or help support your push on offense!

After offensive and support cards, we still have three cards left. First up, the elixir pump needs to be played almost immediately to help you start building elixir for a very heavy deck. By the time double elixir hits, you want to have two pumps down. The freeze is more of a niche card, not used in every battle, but super useful when the time calls for it. Lastly, we have arrows in this LavaLoonion deck, helping to kill popular counters to the balloon in the minion horde and minions.

Combining Lava Hound and Balloon

Let’s discuss the biggest push in the game and when to make it happen. Combining the lava hound and balloon can almost guarantee damage on the tower, but is it worth it in all parts of the battle? I like playing the lava hound in the back when I have a huge elixir lead, that way I know I’m not going to be rushed quickly. This also give your opponent time to sit on 10 elixir, making you profit.

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

However, there is sometimes you feel like you need to make a quick push and not play a strategy that takes at least 30 seconds to build up. You do have the balloon, but it is extremely weak by itself. If you do need to do a quick cycle push, play the balloon, but make sure that the mega minion or goblin gang is supporting. Have arrows at the ready at the very least!

Pumping Up with Collectors

One of the keys to this LavaLoonion deck is having more elixir than your opponent. The way to make this happen is to be continuously pumping up using your elixir collectors. The best starting move is to play a collector and begin your elixir domination. Whenever the pump comes into rotation, pop one down so that you can always have 2 on the board. Hopefully, by the time double elixir hits, you have 2 and possibly 3 elixir collectors giving you the edge.

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale Elixir Pump

Timing your Freeze

Like I said above, you shouldn’t always use the freeze, but sometimes it can give you a huge amount of damage on your opponent’s tower if they aren’t expecting it. The only real way to make the freeze spell work is to have it hovering before placement, ensuring that your freeze won’t be a split second left and basically doing nothing for your attack besides allowing your opponent to build up elixir.

Therefore, you have to know you are going to play the freeze before you actually play it! As soon as you see a unit go down on your opponent’s side near your push, you need to drop your freeze, making sure that you will have frozen the area so that your troops can still stay alive and hopefully get a few more hits on the tower!

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale Freeze

Countering the Best Decks

In order to win with any deck, you still need to know how to counter the most popular decks and combos with Clash Royale at the moment. Here are 4 of the most popular combos right now and how you can beat them with this deck.

Hog-Goblin Gang Cycle: The goblin gang has been on the rise ever since it came out and when paired with the hog it is a formidable combo. If you arrow down the goblin gang, while you play a quick skeleton army on the hog rider, you will avoid all damage to your tower!

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

Golem Beatdown: Without the inferno in this deck and lots of swarm units, it makes dealing with the golem kind of hard but you can still take it down! First off, play your mega minion to take care of the baby dragon, while you quickly play skeleton army on goblin gang for domination.

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

Bowler-Graveyard: Luckily, this combo is almost perfect for this LavaLoonion deck to counter. Play the mega minion to take out the bowler, while you play either goblin gang (better) or skeleton army (worse) to clear the graveyard.

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

LavaLoonion: LavaLoonion v LavaLoonion! You only have two cards that can shoot air, so you need to get those down as fast as possible to take this down. Don’t be afraid to throw in a freeze if you are really struggling.

Best LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

So that is going to do it for our guide on LavaLoonion deck 3.0. Thanks a ton for reading these Meta Deck articles and comment down below what deck you are currently using in the Clash Royale meta!

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  2. Ever since the death damage buff for the balloon, I hated balloon more than royal giant, X bow and sparky, please nerf the balloon


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