Sergio Ramos BEST Decks from Clash Royale CCGS

Sergio Ramos recently won Crown Championship Global Series in Clash Royale, using the best decks in Clash Royale in the meta right now. Here are the decks that Sergio Ramos used to win CCGS and take home $150,000 dollars for first place.

Sergio Ramos CCGS Decks

Sergio Ramos played mostly beatdown decks in CCGS, usually with a secondary counter to his main tank. Both decks had zap and poison as spells, both being the strongest swarm and medium damage spells. We are going to analyze both of the decks that Sergio Ramos used to win CCGS and learn the strategy behind what makes them the best decks in Clash Royale.

Sergio Ramos Golem Miner DeckSergio Ramos CCGS Golem Miner Deck

The first deck that Sergio Ramos used was this golem beatdown deck, using the miner as a secondary tank. The goal is to take the tower with the golem and support cards. Here’s what every card should be used for within this golem deck.

  • Minions: a support card behind the golem, able to destroy mostly anything since zap can’t kill
  • Golem: main tank card, played as a defensive unit originally, but then ramped up for a big push (often paired with minions)
  • Miner: use as a mini-tank for the minions or to take out elixir collectors.
  • Furnace: defensive card, played in the middle of the map, used for a bit of chip damage and to make opponent react
  • Zap: obvious use of killing swarm units, also reset inferno tower
  • Poison: cut down anything that might stop your golem, or to poison down any spawner buildings, namely furnace
  • Mega Minion: mostly a defensive card, but when played behind golem, it is very effective

WATCH Sergio Ramos win with this deck in CCGS:

Sergio Ramos PEKKA Bandit Deck

Sergio Rams CCGS PEKKA Bandit Deck

The second deck that Sergio Ramos played to win CCGS was very similar, with 4 of the same cards. However, instead of golem and miner, he played PEKKA and bandit. This is a heavy counter-push deck, with the PEKKA and bandit both being great on defense. Let’s go through what every card should be used for.

  • Minions: mostly a support card, but can be mixed as a defensive card as well, play behind PEKKA for most damage
  • Bandit: defense turned offense, make sure to place bandit far away so she can get her dash
  • Miner: chip offensive card, makes your opponent answer while getting damage on the tower
  • Goblins: mostly defensive to clear away solo troops that remain coming towards your tower
  • Zap: used to clear swarm troops and also reset inferno tower/dragon
  • Poison: play as the PEKKA nears the tower as it will clear away any swarm troops that might be deployed
  • PEKKA: big beatdown unit, try to get all of your support behind this as it paves the way to the tower
  • Electro-Wizard: primary unit to be played behind the PEKKA, helps kill defense and resets ID/IT

WATCH Sergio Ramos win with this deck in CCGS:

I hope that you guys enjoyed this little follow-up to CCGS and recap on Sergio Ramos’ win. If you want to see more articles like this (decks that won big Clash Royale eSports tournaments), leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and I hope that you can use these decks for great success in challenges!

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