Best 12 Win Challenge Decks for Clash Royale

Challenges, whether grand or classic, are a great way to gain cards and gold in Clash Royale. The biggest rewards come once you hit 12 wins though, which means you need the best decks to reach 12 wins in challenges in Clash Royale! Here are my best challenges decks in the current meta!

Best 12 Win Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Best 12 Win Challenge Decks

Challenge decks vary from ladder decks because the cards are leveled down to tournament standard. This means that you need to be using cards that are great at tournament level, not just when they are overleveled. For example, you wouldn’t use royal giant or elite barbarians, since those are only really good when they are overleveled. Here are some great decks for getting 12 wins in challenges, classic and grand!

Mega Knight Royal Ghost Deck

Mega Knight Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Deck

In the current meta, this is the best deck in Clash Royale hands down. With the balance changes coming tomorrow, this might not be the case, but as of now, it is certainly the deck to use in the both the ladder and in challenges. Mainly, you are going to use the mega knight as your primary tank, as well as a strong defensive unit. The royal ghost is going to be your secondary tank, making sure that your opponent addresses it. With the goblin hut also coming to the rise of the meta, this deck is strong all around.

Golem Royal Ghost Deck

Golem Royal Ghost 12 Win Challenge Deck

Golem decks will always be some of the strongest in challenges for Clash Royale, since the golem is so strong at tournament level against underleveled cards. The night witch will forever and always be one of the best support cards for the golem, as well as the mega minion. The royal ghost should almost definitely be played if you have him unlocked, but he also fits in pretty well with the golem. Use your poison and zap to clear some swarm units and you’ll be golden.

Log/Zap Bait Deck

Log Zap Bait 12 Win Challenge Deck

Since zap can’t kill goblins at tournament standard, zap/log bait decks are going to be extremely strong in challenges, especially to get 12 wins. You want to keep cycling your bait cards, punishing your opponent with another one once they play their spam killers. In case of a beatdown deck, you have the inferno tower to ward off any large tanks. Once the tower gets low enough on health, you can begin rocketing it down, an easy way to guarantee success.

LavaLoonion Deck

LavaLoonion 12 Win Challenge Deck

One of the first meta decks in Clash Royale, LavaLoonion is clearly here to stay. The reason why is because it is so punishing, especially when trying to get 12 wins in challenges. If your opponent doesn’t have enough air countering units, they will be absolutely destroyed by the lava hound-balloon combination. If possible, add in minions or the mega minion to the mix, so that you can kill support units easier. If the tower nearly falls, send in a lone balloon or a fireball to finish it.

Mega Knight Hog Rider Deck

Mega Knight 12 Win Challenge Deck

Finally, we have the most meta deck from before the release of the royal ghost. Even with the royal ghost in Clash Royale, this deck remains amazing, giving you beatdown and chip damage in a single challenge deck. You can build in the final minute or play the hog in the first two minutes to get solid damage on the tower. You have the inferno dragon for taking down tanks, as well as the guards and bats to help support on defense. All in all, this deck is well-balanced and easy to use!

So that will wrap it up for these great challenge decks! I hope that you guys can use one of these 5 decks to achieve 12 wins in Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment your max wins below!

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    • Yeah, giant poison is definitely coming back! LavaLoonion can still be punishing, especially with two of the best cards right now being ground troops


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