PEKKA Bandit Deck for Winning after Balance Changes

With a buff to the bandit and a nerf to the mega knight, a PEKKA-bandit deck is the deck to use after this Clash Royale balancing update! The PEKKA is going to be amazing with the mega knight being nerfed, and when combined with the bandit, you have the best new meta deck in Clash Royale! Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this amazing PEKKA bandit deck!

PEKKA Bandit Deck Overview

PEKKA Bandit Deck Clash Royale

This PEKKA bandit deck has three main win conditions, which means that it should be very easy to get offense going with this deck. First off, we have the PEKKA which is one of the premiere tanks in Clash Royale. Use this to tank for any card and hope to get it to the tower. The second namesake of this deck, the bandit, is more of a cycle card, in which you aim to get a bit of damage onto the tower to start whittling it down. Lastly, the battle ram is an amazing blend of the bandit and PEKKA, working well with both of them. You can combine it into a big push or use it for a bit of chip damage.

Also within this PEKKA bandit deck, we have three superior support cards. First up are minions, which can answer all of your air needs, or just defend against ground troops. As a cycle card, we have the ice spirit, which can be used in combination with any card in this deck, in offense or defense. Lastly, we have a bit of a tankier card in the electro-wizard, who will be great as both a support card and a defensive card to shut down pushes.

As with most PEKKA and battle ram decks, we have the double combo of zap and poison as our spells. The zap is a quick fix while the poison will let you kill units overtime. Mostly, you want to use the zap during cheap pushes and bring out the poison for when you build up with the PEKKA in the back.

Cycling Bandit and Battle Ram

While the PEKKA can definitely make this deck seem like a big beatdown deck, the battle ram and the bandit are super important for helping take down the tower. Realistically, you will be pretty lucky to get more than one PEKKA shot on a tower each damage. Making up this lost damage is where the bandit and battle ram come in, giving you a couple hundred damage for each connection on the tower. Pair either one with the ice spirit or minions for a larger push.

Battle Ram Push Clash Royale

Alternating these two rush cards when your opponent is low on elixir will force them to make a bad play or for them to take damage onto their tower. A great time to play one of these two cards is when your opponent places a tank behind his king’s tower. Hopefully he won’t have the elixir or the ability to deal with your quick bandit or battle ram.

Poison Chip Damage

As with every big spell that you have in any deck, the poison should be used to help chip down the tower to make it easier for it to fall. The poison now does more damage than an equivalent fireball, just over a longer period of time. This means that just a few poisons on the tower can lead to you having a huge HP advantage.

Poison Chip Damage Clash Royale

With this deck, there are two ways that you can get poison chip damage. The first is that you can deploy the poison when your opponent plays a card passing by the arena tower. This will damage or kill the unit, as well as take some HP off of the tower.

The other, probably better option, would be to combine the poison with any one of your pushes. This would let the poison clear away any troops from your push, and make it much easier for your troops to connect onto the tower. However, it really just comes down to what deck your opponent is playing, as well as what the cycle rotation is.

PEKKA Beatdown Push

The linchpin of this deck is keeping big pressure on with the PEKKA. In order to make your opponent fully commit to stopping your PEKKA, you should build up a huge beatdown push, combining the PEKKA with either the bandit or battle ram, as well as throwing in a couple support units if you can afford it!

PEKKA Battle Ram Beatdown Push Clash Royale

Also, if you are wealthy on elixir, don’t forget the poison spell. This can make it a lot easier to counter any troops that will be played to stop your push, especially an inferno dragon or tower. Try to at least have zap at the ready to take down a quick skeleton army or goblin gang that might be played.

Playing Defense

As with every deck, you need to be able to play defense if you are going to win any battles. The three cards to use primarily on defense are your support cards; the electro-wizard, ice spirit, and minions. Also, if needed, the bandit makes a pretty handy defensive card. Use these four cards to take down all pushes, whether it be a solo hog or golem-three musketeers. Know all of their strengths and when to play them in order to maximize their value.

Hog Rider vs Minions Clash Royale

That’s going to wrap it up for this PEKKA bandit deck guide! This deck is going to be amazing once the 2/12/2018 balance changes become live in game. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think the meta is going to be after this round of balances in Clash Royale!

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