X-Bow Tornado Siege Deck to DOMINATE the Meta

Siege decks are definitely at the top of the meta in Clash Royale, having some of the best decks for March 2018! This x-bow deck is currently the best x-bow deck in Clash Royale, dominating giant double prince and golem beatdown decks. Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this awesome x-bow tornado siege deck!

X-Bow Tornado Deck Overview

X Bow Tornado Deck Clash Royale

The two main cards that this deck features are the x-bow and the tornado, one used primarily for offense and the other being versatile for both offense or defense. The only way you are going to be able to win with this deck is by using the x-bow and having it chip down the opponent’s tower from your side of the map. The tornado is going to be a great support card from the x-bow, pulling troops away from the siege card, and allowing you to clump units to more easily destroy them. Together, the x-bow and tornado make a deadly combination!

Deployment of the x-bow means absolutely nothing if you can defend it to get maximum damage onto the tower. To help you do that, you have four amazing support cards to protect the x-bow at all costs. The ice wizard is going to be your MVP here, dealing slowing capabilities that will let your x-bow get a few more chip shots on the tower. To further the freeze effect, we have the ice spirit, which can give you two extra seconds of freeze to kill more troops. To even go further with slowing defending troops down, the ice golem is going to be able to soak up a lot of damage and then slow all the troops around him when he eventually dies. Our final support troop is not a slowing troop, but it will work great from defending against the multiple air troops that will be played against you.

To cap off this x-bow tornado deck, we have two other great spells that synergize great with the x-bow. The rocket is going to allow you to take down the arena tower if it has just a few hundred HP left. Also, you can take out big groups of troops that clutter around the x-bow by utilizing the rocket. The other damage spell we have in this deck is the log, which will work wonders for you pushing back troops. Also, this can be a quick way to counter the popular goblin gang or archers counter to the x-bow.

X-Bow Placement

X-bow deployment is really important, but there are two great options to succeed with the x-bow. Whatever you do, just make sure that the x-bow can reach the tower from wherever you deploy it! The first option is placing the x-bow in the middle of your map. This makes it much harder for ground units to reach it, but also makes it a bit harder to defend because the x-bow will be right on the river. Keep in mind, the x-bow can never reach both of the towers from one spot.

X Bow Deployment Clash Royale

The second option that you have for x-bow placement is to play in on the bridge. However, since the radius to the tower is decreased, you can actually play it a tile back from the bridge. This spot will make it easier for you to defend, since you have a space to deploy troops in front of the x-bow. On the other hand though, any ground troops can get to the x-bow much easier.

X Bow Deployment Clash Royale

Honestly, when it comes to x-bow deployment, you just need to pick one and get used to playing it. Don’t switch between the two, since the strategies for defending the x-bow are so variant between the two spots. Once you pick a spot, stick to it and practice defending.

Defending the X-Bow

Now that you have deployed the x-bow you need to be able to defend it so that it can get the most possible shots onto the tower. Your opponent will try to answer almost immediately, so you need to be able to react accordingly. Obviously, this defense is going to be extremely situational, depending on what cards you have in rotation. That being said, here are what each card should be played against to defend.

  • Ice Spirit: great to throw in against any troop/push
  • Ice Wizard: any tank (hog, giant, etc.)
  • Ice Golem: cheap units (archers, bats, etc.)
  • Mega Minion: splash units (wizard, witch, etc.)

Here’s an example of how you should defend a minion horde that is played against the x-bow. A tornado, plus an ice wizard, is more than enough to take it out while avoiding a ton of damage.

Defending X Bow Clash Royale

Rocket Chip Damage

Rocket is currently one of the best spells in Clash Royale and you can really get a lot of damage from rockets adding up on the tower. At tournament standard, the rocket can do 432 damage, which means only 6 are needed to take down the tower. Obviously, you don’t want to try and get 6 rockets on the tower, but 2 would help you out a lot.

Don’t solo a rocket onto the tower, as that puts you into a severe elixir disadvantage. Instead, wait for a medium-health unit to cross paths with the tower, and then send a rocket tower. You can get damage on the tower while also canceling a chance for a push against you.

Rocket Tower Clash Royale

Defending your Towers for Cheap

While you can play offense all day, you need to defend in order to win games. Remember, defense is what wins championships. Luckily, you have a great cast of cards for defending your towers against any opponent push. There are a number of options for defense, and similarly to defending your x-bow, its all going to be situational. Use the ice spirit often, as it can buy you time and freeze huge pushes. Here’s a sample for defending against a giant; which a mega minion and ice spirit can shut down with ease.

Defending Giant Clash Royale

That’s all for our x-bow tornado deck in Clash Royale! Siege decks are at the best spot they’ve been at for several, several months, so if you love the gameplay, go ahead and try out this deck. Thanks for reading and comment below what kind of deck you want to see us write a guide about!

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