New Potion Magic Items LEAKED in Clash of Clans

New potions have been leaked in Clash of Clans, most likely coming in the June 2018 update to CoC. There are 4 new magic items in this leak, with them all being potions. We don’t know exactly what these potions will do, but they are the first leak for the Clash of Clans summer update!

New Potions LEAKED

This image was leaked by the Clash of Clans team today, showing four new potions that aren’t currently in CoC. Right now, we only have the builder potion, training potion, resource potion, and power potion. These four leaked potions will double the amount of magic item potions and bring the total to 8. Here’s the picture that showed the leaked potions!

New Potions Magic Items Leaked Clash of Clans

The four new potion that are listed are the “Heroic Potion”, the “Insta-Finish Potion”, the “Magic Potion”, and the “Reset Clock Potion”. Let’s talk about what each of these new magic items could be once released in the next CoC update!

Heroic Potion: Without a doubt, this heroic potion has something to do with heroes. However, with the training potion speeding up regeneration, and the book of heroes finishing any hero upgrade, it is unclear what else a hero potion could do. The only thing I can think of is allowing heroes to be used in attacks and in war while still being upgraded!

Insta-Finish Potion: Now, the insta-finish potion is definitely unclear, since the book magic items are already able to complete all of the upgrade already available in Clash of Clans. This would have to be for instantly finishing something else, like your Builder Base loot bonus or a clan game you are working on.

Magic Potion: This magic potion is the most vague out of all of these new leaked potions. Personally, I have no clue whatsoever what this could be, so leave a comment below if you have an idea!

Reset Clock Potion: Finally, we have the reset clock potion which is a clear nod to the clock tower in Builder Base. Most likely, this potion is going to automatically reset your clock tower so that you can boost your BB twice in a row. Not too bad if you aren’t able to complete your versus battle rewards in time!

Thanks for reading about all of these new potions that have been leaked in Clash of Clans! I think that they have some awesome new potions coming this June. Let me know if you guys have any ideas for what these potions could do in the comments below!

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