Best Deck in Clash Royale: Three Musketeers BEATDOWN Deck

The current best deck in Clash Royale is a three musketeers beatdown deck, played in 15% of grand challenges in Clash Royale. If you want to get 12 wins and win a challenge, this three musketeers deck is definitely the one you should be using. Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this meta three musketeers dark prince deck!

Three Musketeers Beatdown Deck Overview

Three Musketeers Beatdown Deck Clash Royale

With the nine elixir three musketeers, this deck is extremely heavy and is definitely considered a beatdown deck. You are going to need to rely on the elixir collector to both pump you elixir and to serve as spell bait in order to win. Even if the three musketeers are getting shut down, you still have win conditions in the dark prince, miner, and bandit though!

From a pay to win perspective, this deck definitely isn’t the worst. You do have two legendary cards which can be tough to level up, but 5 of the cards in this deck are commons and rares. The most important card to level up here is definitely the three musketeers, as you need to get them above fireball level.

Roles of Each Card in the Deck

Clash Royale Minion HordeMinion Horde

The minion horde is a powerful defensive turned offensive card for this deck.

With the minion horde, you can have devastating pushes combined with the dark prince or the miner. Make sure to clear the minion horde kill card though, or else you’ll be at a large elixir disadvantage.

Mostly, you are going to want to use the minion horde on defense first. Since it is a very high damage dealing card, you can use it to quickly take out tank cards and shut down big beatdown pushes. Be sure that there’s no arrows though!

Dark Prince Clash RoyaleDark Prince

The dark prince is the second most important card in this deck, just after the three musketeers.

As an offensive tank, the dark prince can actually be pretty handy. If you know the minion horde counter is down, you have make a deadly combo between the two cards. Also, its great with the three musketeers.

While this deck has better defensive options than the dark prince, he can still do great if he gets his charge going. Most of the time though, you can use the dark prince as an unconventional way to take out support units behind a tank.

Three Musketeers Clash RoyaleThree Musketeers

The three musketeers are the linchpin of this deck, being the difference between winning and losing.

This card is going to be most of the damage within the deck, acting as a powerful support card in behind a mini tank. Even one musketeer alone can do high damage if uncountered, so don’t be afraid to split the trio.

A lot of times, great three musketeers pushes begin with a defensive play to counter a large golem or giant push. You can either split and have two attack for defense, or have all three attack. Just be prepared to counter push hard after!

Clash Royale Legendary Card MinerMiner

The miner is a great way to get chip damage or act as a tank for your three musketeers.

First off, you can use the miner to keep your half dead minion horde alive and get some serious damage on the tower. As a small damage card, the miner also works great with the bandit, giving a tough one-two punch.

Mostly though, you want to use your miner as a tank for the three musketeers. You can play it a lot of different ways, whether it be split musketeers and defending for the single, or having all three muskies protected by the miner.

Ice Golem Clash RoyaleIce Golem

The ice golem serves as a great defensive buffer that can allow your tower to shoot troops down.

While mostly a defensive card in this deck, the ice golem does offer some value on the other side of the map. If you don’t have enough elixir for the miner, the ice golem is great as a small tank for any support card.

You don’t have any troops cheaper than 3 elixir, which is why the ice golem is going to be your go-to card for cheap defensive counters. If there are any leftover troops from your opponent’s defense, the ice golem is a great way to avoid damage.

Bandit Clash RoyaleBandit

The bandit can be used to get a bit of chip damage on the tower if you are up on elixir big time.

The reason the bandit is such a great card is that she forces a quick counter, which often ends in a misplay for your opponent. Combining with the miner, you are almost guaranteed to get some damage if you have elixir advantage.

In a deck with a lack of strong ground troops, the bandit can be great on defense. Whenever you place her on defense, just be sure that she is able to get the charge onto the unit, as that can increase your damage by 2 times.

Elixir Collector Clash RoyaleElixir Collector

The elixir collector can be used for spell bait or to produce much needed elixir for your three musketeers.

One of the hardest ways to win with the three muskies is if your opponent has a direct counter spell, like the rocket or fireball. Luckily, those spells are also used to take down pumps, so you can bait the spell by playing the elixir collector.

One of the cons to using the 3M is that it is very hard to find the elixir to play them. The elixir collector can help you out there, giving you the funds to play the three musketeers multiple times throughout a battle.

Zap Clash RoyaleZap

The zap is critical to the success of this deck, clearing goblin gangs and skeleton armies.

On offense, when playing with the bandit or three musketeers, you should always be hovering a zap in order to quickly down a sudden skeleton army. Zappable cards are always the highest damage dealing, so be ready for the threat.

On defense, the zap is going to be great for counter the goblin barrel (try to overlevel your zap!). Also, you can wipe out bats and the goblin gangs that are often combined with the hog rider and miner. The zap is a very important card for this deck!

Different Offensive Pushes

Miner Three Musketeers: For a great double push, you can put the miner to protect the musketeers.

In this combination, you want to be sure to split your musketeers. This forces a two lane counter, which puts a lot of stress on your opponent. For an even split, play your miner on the tower with only one musketeer heading towards it. For a more powerful combo, send the miner to the tower being hunted by two muskies.

Dark Prince Three Musketeers: In your biggest push for this deck, the dark prince tanks for the three musketeers.

With this push, you can play it the same as the miner push and send the dark prince with either one of the musketeer splits. Or, for a much more powerful push, you can place the dark prince in front of all three musketeers and absolutely dominate any counter thrown your way.

Dark Prince Minion Horde: Make sure arrows or executioner isn’t in rotation for this killer combo.

If you are a high risk high reward type of player, the dark prince minion horde combination is the one for you. You MUST make sure that your opponent doesn’t have a direct counter to the minion horde though. If so, you could lose out big on elixir. However, if the card isn’t in rotation, this push is a tower taker.

Defending against Popular Decks

Giant Double Prince Deck

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

The minion horde is going to be a great card for shutting down this push. If a giant and double princes are thrown at you, drop an ice golem for distraction and slowing while the minion horde wipes out everything before damage is placed on the tower. The combination together is more than enough to counter the 14 elixir push and should give you an elixir advantage. Of course, if there is a chance of poison, which you should be ready with some other cards (dark prince and bandit)

X-Bow Cycle Deck

X Bow Cycle Deck Clash Royale League Challenge

The x-bow is pretty tough to deal with since you don’t have a reliable tank to soak up the damage, but you can definitely make do. The bandit, miner, and dark prince are all pretty solid for HP, but the minion horde should be the real way you rush the x-bow, depending on how they defend. On offense, you shouldn’t have too much trouble, especially since the minion horde and elixir collector can bait out the fireball. With not a lot of powerful troops, your 3M will roll!

Hog Executioner DeckHog Executioner 2v2 Deck Clash Royale

With a ton of modest HP ground troops, you shouldn’t have too many issues with defending the hog and executioner. The bandit will be suitable while your ice golem soaks up damage from the executioner. Without a musketeer or executioner, you’ll be vulnerable to the baby dragon, but you can always counter with ice golem. From an offensive perspective, the executioner tornado combo could give you some issues, but besides that you shouldn’t have too tough of a time.

I hope that this guide gave you ample enough information about how to win with this three musketeers beatdown deck! If it didn’t make sure to comment below to tell us what else we could add to make these guides even better. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more awesome Clash Royale decks!

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