Clash Royale League: North American and European Teams ANNOUNCED

eSports for Clash Royale are finally growing with the introduction of the Clash Royale League! Remember the 20 wins challenge a few weeks back? That had to do with this Clash Royale League, which showcases the best North American and European teams for the eSports scene in Clash Royale. Here are the teams that will be competing in the first ever Clash Royale League!

Clash Royale League Challenge Best Decks

Clash Royale League Teams Announced

After months of deliberation and a lot of submissions, the Clash Royale team decided on eight European teams and eight North American teams to compete. These teams will draft players to compete for them and hopefully win the Clash Royale League. To start off with, here are the European teams that will be in the inaugural season of the Clash Royale League.

Clash Royale League European Teams

Among those included, we have Team Liquid, FNatic, G2 eSports, Team Queso, Team Dignitas, Allegiance, SK Gaming, and Misfits.

Those are only the European teams, so here are the eight North American teams that will be playing the first season of the CRL!

Clash Royale League North American Teams

Among those included, we have Team Solomid, 100 Thieves, Cloud 9, Complexity, Counter Logic Gaming, NRG, Tribe Gaming, and Immortals.

You may recognize quite a few of these team names from other eSports like League of Legends and CSGO. The fact that teams of this caliber are completing in Clash Royale is a good sign for a growing eSports scene in Clash Royale!

Let me know below if you guys want to see more articles about Clash Royale eSports or not. I’m really looking forward to the first Clash Royale League and can’t wait to see what the format is and what players will be on each team. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment about eSports on Clash for Dummies!

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