Best Decks for Clash Royale after April Balance Changes

The April balance changes will be live tomorrow in Clash Royale, after the April 2018 update is implemented in game. With nerfs to the dark prince and ice spirit, and buffs to the lightning and barbarian barrel, the Clash Royale meta will be shaken up from the April balance changes. Here are the best decks for Clash Royale after the 4/24 balancing update!

Balance Changes Update Clash Royale April Update

April Balance Changes

These are the first balance changes in a while for Clash Royale, the first since February actually and should seriously shake up the meta. Here are the full list of balance changes in case you missed the announcement.

Nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Dark Prince: Shield Hitpoints -25%
  • Spear Goblins (affects Spear Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Hut): Hit Speed 1.1sec → 1.2sec
  • Barbarian Barrel: Range 6.5 → 7
  • Knight: Hitpoints +3%
  • Dart Goblin: Damage +3%
  • Ice Spirit: Area Damage -4%; Freeze Duration 1.5sec → 1sec
  • Skeleton Barrel: Skeleton count 6 → 7
  • Lightning: Radius 3 → 3.5
  • Tornado: Duration 2.5sec → 2 sec; Damage per second +21% (this affects Total Damage -3%)
  • Magic Archer: hits moving targets better
  • Spells: can now be played on the river

Based on these balances, we can assume that the cards buffed will rise into the meta while those cards that were nerfed will sink in the meta. Here are the decks that I think will be the best after the April balance changes to Clash Royale!

Best Decks after April Balance Update

Log Bait Deck

Best Deck Clash Royale April Balance Changes

Out of every deck that could be meta after the April update, log bait decks seem the most likely to make an impact. The knight, a popular tank for log bait decks, and the dart goblin, a strong log bait card, both were buffed, which could lead to a high use. The goblin gang did get indirectly nerfed during the balance changes, but since spear goblins are only 1/2 of the card, I don’t think it will be impacted too much. There are many variations of this deck that should be good to use after the balancing update.

Hog Executioner Deck

Best Deck Clash Royale April Balance Changes

With lightning and knight both being buffed up, this OP hog executioner deck should make a return to the top of the meta. A quick note about the ice spirit: it can be used as a cycle card and should still be good after the balance changes. With the tornado killing quicker too, the hog won’t be taking as much damage when attacking the tower. Finally, musketeers and wizards placed in front of the king’s tower will be useless because the lightning can now reach them with the radius buff.

LavaLoonion Deck

Best Deck Clash Royale April Balance Changes

As soon as the lightning buff was revealed, most players predicted that we would see a return of the LavaLoonion meta that gripped Clash Royale a year ago. Since inferno towers and dragons would be as effective against the balloon and lava hound, you can expect these two win conditions to be much harder to counter. Also, the ice spirit, which is actually an outstanding counter to the balloon, won’t have as much of an impact, allowing to balloon to reach the tower a whole lot more often than pre-balance changes.

Mega Knight Skeleton Barrel Deck

Best Deck Clash Royale April Balance Changes

Of all the decks listed here, this mega knight skeleton barrel deck might not be as successful. The whole idea behind the return of this deck is based on the skeleton barrel being a bit better. However, also in this deck is the goblin hut, which received an indirect nerf through the spear goblin nerf. Still, with the skeleton barrel carrying an extra skeleton, along with the tornado nerf that should make the miner a little more effective, the mega knight and royal ghost combo should make their return to the meta after the April update.

With those four decks you guys should be able to dominate the new meta that is coming in Clash Royale following the April update! I’m am absolutely STOKED for this update and will have a bunch of content coming out after. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think will be the new meta after these balance changes!

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