Best Royal Recruits Decks for All Arenas in Clash Royale

Royal recruits are finally live in Clash Royale, which means that you are going to need to very best royal recruits decks for all arenas. Here are some of the best royal recruits decks in Clash Royale, which you should be able to use to push up in trophies.

Best Royal Recruits Decks Clash Royale

Best Royal Recruits Decks

When the royal recruits still costed 6 elixir, it was the best card in Clash Royale, hands down. Since the massive nerf that set them back to 8 elixir, they haven’t been as effective. However, they are sure to be tweaked a bit in the next balance changes, probably changing the cost to 7 elixir. In the meantime, if you choose to play the recruits, here are three of the best decks with them in Clash Royale!

Miner Royal Recruits Deck

Miner Royal Recruits Deck Clash Royale

If you are looking for a cheap cycle deck that largely depends on the success of the royal recruits, look no further than this deck right here. Mostly, you are going to want the play the recruits, and, depending on how your opponent reacts, push one of the sides with the miner plus either of the goblin card. You can get slow chip damage throughout with the miner and poison combination, while having some great counterpushes that start with the royal recruits.

Hog Royal Recruits Deck

Hog Royal Recruits Deck Clash Royale

For another great cycle deck featuring the royal recruits, this hog recruits deck is a killer! Using this deck, you mostly want to play the recruits on defense in order to take down any pushes heading your way. Once you defend, you can turn it around by playing the hog rider, which will be protected by the recruits. If you have the elixir, the ice golem and electro-wizard will fit in pretty well with any hog-royal recruits push that you may be performing. Go quick and cycle back to the RR again and again!

Three Musketeers Royal Recruits DeckThree Musketeers Royal Recruits Deck Clash Royale

Hands down, this is the best deck to play with the royal recruits. The splitting ability of both the three musketeers, as well as the zappies, makes it completely viable to have two separate pushes going on at the same moment. With a possibility of 10/11 elixir coming down EACH LANE, your opponent will quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers coming from your side. You can also do smaller pushes with the recruits combined with the miner or bandit.

Those three decks are all very good at supporting the royal recruits, but keep in mind that the recruits aren’t that strong of a card at 8 elixir. With a buff in the coming balance changes (probably a few weeks away), the royal recruits should be strong, but not as strong as before. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the royal recruits!

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