New Ram Rider Legendary Card and Snare Ability in Clash Royale

The newest legendary card has been announced in Clash Royale and it is the ram rider! The ram rider is going to be a 5 elixir card that introduces a whole new mechanic into Clash Royale, the snare. Let’s take an in-depth look at the ram rider and the new snare ability that will be coming soon to Clash Royale!

New Ram Rider Card

The ram rider is going to be the newest card in Clash Royale since the electro-dragon and the newest legendary card in Clash Royale since the magic archer. This card was just announced today by Clash Royale in the following video, but won’t go live in game until Christmas, December 25th.

The ram rider will cost 5 elixir and seems like it will be a mix between the battle ram and goblin giant. The ram will charge, much like a battle ram, while the rider will shoot out stuns at a slow rate, working like the spear goblins in the goblin giant.

The one huge difference between the ram rider and the battle ram is that the ram doesn’t disappear once it hits a building like the battle ram does. The ram rider can have multiple charges before it dies, and will go after as many buildings as it can.

Ram Rider Gameplay Clash Royale

Of course, with a ram that targets buildings only, the rider will target anything except buildings. The rider gets a new ability called a snare, which can only be used for troops. This “snare” ability pauses troops for 2 seconds, making them not being able to move.

While the snared troops can’t move, they can still shoot. This means that the ram rider will be most effective against melee troops that need to be close to the ram rider in order to kill it. Any long range units like the bowler, wizard, or electro-dragon, should be relatively unaffected by the snare ability.

Ram Rider Gameplay Clash Royale

Here are the full statistics of a level 13 or maxed level ram rider, as well as which other cards match up to those statistics at max level. You can find the tournament standard stats inside the game.

  • Damage per second: 178 (about as much as a royal ghost)
  • Hitpoints: 2133 (about as much as a hog rider)
  • Hit speed: 1.8 seconds (mini-PEKKA)
  • Speed: medium (archers, mega minion)

Ram Rider Gameplay Clash Royale

That’s all we have right now for the newest Clash Royale card, the ram rider! Remember, the ram rider is not yet in game; it will be released on Christmas. Thanks for reading and comment below what your first thoughts are on the ram rider and how she will impact the Clash Royale meta!

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