New Goblin Bruiser Card LEAKED by Clash Royale

As we head into 2019, a whole new year for Clash Royale, they have left us with one more leak in 2018, announcing a new card called the Goblin Bruiser. Here’s everything we know about the newest Goblin Bruiser card and what is to come in Clash Royale for 2019!

New Goblin Bruiser Card Leaked

Today, to celebrate 2018, Clash Royale put out a video about everything that has happened in the game throughout the year. There are tons of balance changes and 10 new cards added this year. Check out the video, skip to the :57 second mark and slow down your speed to .5x.

In the video, Clash Royale leaves off by having an 11th card after the 10 released in 2018. Unfortunately, the talking is at 2 or 3 times speed, so it is nearly impossible to make out what is said.

Playing it over and over again, I think that Seth says “Goblin Bruiser” or “Goblin Prison”. At the very least, it is some sort of a new goblin card and it should be coming in 2019.

We also know that it is a common card, on the complete opposite side of the spectrum as the legendary ram rider, based on the blue outline that usually accompanies common cards.

New Goblin Bruiser Card Clash Royale

So what do you think that the newest card in Clash Royale is going to be? Definitely some sort of goblin card, but what will be his special abilities and how much elixir will it cost to play? Thanks for reading and comment below what your ideas are for the newest card in Clash Royale, coming in 2019!

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