Rushers: How They Hurt Clan Wars

Everyone wants to win a clan war! However, in war you need mature, maxed bases if you want to successfully obliterate the opposing clan. Read a guide about rushing your TH. Town Hall rushers can hurt your clan for a number of reasons.

1) Rushed bases “stack” your clan war! A lot of clan war match-ups have to do with number of Town Halls. For example, if you have 7 Town Hall 10s you will get paired against a clan with around 7 TH10s. Now if all your TH10s were rushed and not well upgraded, while the other clan’s TH10s were completely maxed, chances are you are about to be smacked in your clan war. Its much better to have a mature Town Hall 8 then a rushed TH9 since that TH8 will count as a TH8.

2) Rushed bases are extremely easy to beat! A rushed TH10 is much easier to beat then a maxed TH9. Maxing your base makes sure that all your defense are equal and well upgraded. For example, a maxed TH8 with level 8 walls, level 6 teslas, the works; is much harder to 3-star than a Town Hall 9 with level 5 walls and level 4 mortars. Also going along with the last point, wouldn’t you rather have a harder to beat base with a lesser TH level, then some gemmer who doesn’t know how to play the game.

3) Rushed bases mess up clan rankings! If you are a maxed TH8 like me, then you know the feeling. You are almost XP 90 but some rushed TH9, XP 60 is ranked above you because of their TH is higher level. This KILLS clan war rankings. The good, mature TH8s and TH9s get ranked below the rushed TH9s and TH10s. This results in an easy “lookover” from the opposing clan. The other clan sees this and realizes how easy your clan is to beat. This is all about first impressions.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post! For some reason, my base review was deleted so I will be republishing that tomorrow. Remember email with your clan name and username if you want your base reviewed. Also sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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13 thoughts on “Rushers: How They Hurt Clan Wars

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  2. My complete maxed out th9 is ranked highier then a lot of th10s. Just so u know since the rushed th10s are always under me.


  3. This article is spot on. Rushed TH9’s and TH10’s are insanely stupid. They hurt the entire clan. Some of them can’t even 3 star mid-range TH8’s…it’s really pathetic. I’m to the point where every rushed base gets booted from my clan.


  4. I’m speaking from someone who skip th9 to b at th10. From the war point of view, having a rush th10 is better than a max 8 or 9. it’s not easy to 2star a rush th10 (with infernos) even with th8 max troops. But a th10 can definitely 2-3 star a max th8 due to less defence buildings. My opinion is that a rush th10 is good enough when the attacking troops r maxed. You can hit the higher bases in war, get better loot and also farm at higher trophy levels for better war bonus. whereas max th8 or 9 can’t. In my clan,the max th8 & 9 can only take down mid-bases during war and leave the high a rush th10 with max troops, I can just get 1star and get 1M+ war loot


  5. Thanks for keeping an open mind, appears i had a chip on my shoulder when i read your article and responded. Hopefully people can see the emphasis that my thoughts only work on lower level rushed THs and not lv80+ (as the points in this article express completely, there are several weaknesses between hero and tower level). I cant wait till i get some more resources to test the theory more at a higher level, but at lv64 i can officially say i’m proud of my base in war against lv3 dragons / mass lv3 hogs / gi wiz attacks. And i only have 25 walls lv2 to date. Really interesting to play the game from a different perspective.


  6. Saying the matchmaking algorithm is as simple as TH to TH comparisons is naive. If that were the case, explain wars where you are + or – several th10s in difference. The truth is that the matchmaking algorithm accounts for much more than just the th. it accounts for hero levels, building levels, the number of buildings, etc and so forth. The point therein being that a rushed TH10 does not beget more maxed TH10s. If you ever see a situation that permits such a matchup, im willing to bet where the opposing th10 makes up in defense (for being “maxed”) he lacks in offense (Towers vs Troops, his troops would be low leveled).

    As a maxed th8 you really wont see the difference between a maxed th8 and a rushed th10 so i’ll shed some light. Have you ever tried to barch a 50% while trophy pushing on a th10? Most people avoid it because they have about 30% more buildings than a th8, not to mention some of those are defensive buildings. They can also hold more in their clan castle than a th8, and have two heroes. Did i forget to mention that they also have more than 2x the traps? If you fail to see my point feel free to request and i’ll make a vid of some of my defenses against lv3 mass drag attacks on my base. Few make the 2 star mark, plenty hit the 1 star but lets face it, they’re spending about 350k to do that. I on the other hand, can barch their base for a 3 star, even on their maxed th8s, without trying. Let alone if i used spells or my loonion army. And i’m only level 64 on that rushed base.

    I originally saw the exploit when i was building my maxed th9, of which i love in war, the dilemma being that in most wars people could still 3 star me and i would struggle to 3 star them. And i noticed why. I had higher level defenses where they had higher level heroes / troops / spells. Hence why i made my rushed th10. It’s a pain to improve on a th10 as loot is much less abundant, and i strongly advise against rushing for that fact alone. Other than that, my experience in war is great aside from the sheeple who believe the concept you mentioned above.

    And as a closing statement, also remember that having a rushed th10 with maxed troops also adds the benefit of receiving maxed donations not just to your war base but also for attacks. Whereas a TH8 cannot provide that luxury. Best wishes


    • These are some great points. I understand that actually most of the clan war match-ups come from Inferno Towers or X-Bows which are what you get at a rushed Town Hall 9 or Town Hall 10. Thanks for the feedback!


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  8. U know… I agree with a lot of what u said but in my experience, “rushing” just a little is not all bad. I think u should include a rebuttle in ur argument and then if u can, disprove it. That way it does not seem as though u are blindly maxing ur base becuase u believe simply that that’s what ur supposed to do, and then supplying all the advantages it entails, while leaving the disadvantages(for example, achieving things like drills and xbows more slowly). Anyway, thanks for the info, I was intrigued by a lot of the information in this article. 😊


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