How to Get Maximum Loot

Loot is what defines Clash of Clans. Without loot, there would be no upgrading buildings, no war, and actually no attacking in general. To get maximum loot, then you should always be staging “collector raids” instead of “storage raids”. I’m here to help you find the most loot possible by having the best army, the best trophy range, and the fastest way to attack.

The Best Army-

The best army to use for gaining resources is far and away, barbarians and archers, or “barch“. Mostly, to gain loot you attack full collectors instead of bases with filled storages. Barch is the easier way to do this, since it is easy to destroy outside buildings (such as collectors and mines.) Barch is simple to use as well. Just drop your barbarians in a line and then place your archers behind. The army composition for barch should be close to as follows:

135 Troop Space (TH5)- 70 barbarians and 65 archers

150 Troop Space (TH6)- 80 barbarians and 70 archers

200 Troop Space (TH7+TH8)- 110 barbarians and 90 archers

220 Troop Space (TH9)- 120 barbarians and 100 archers

240 Troop Space (TH10)- 130 barbarians and 110 archersIMG_0189.PNGThe Best Trophy Range-

Obviously, the trophy ranges for the best loot aren’t the same between TH5 and TH10. Loot is stacked against you, the higher the Town Hall level you are. In other words, the higher TH you are, the less loot becomes available. Therefore you have to go higher in order to attack other TH10s. Below are the ranges for each Town Hall:

Town Hall 4- Bronze I

Town Hall 5- Bronze I

Town Hall 6- Silver III

Town Hall 7- Silver I

Town Hall 8- Gold II

Town Hall 9- Gold I

Town Hall 10- Crystal IIIMG_0264.PNGThe Best Time-

If you want a lot of loot, you have to do it quick. You have to be able to bang out 5 raids an hour. That’s pretty tough to do though, if you have to retrain your troops everytime you finish raiding. Although, I gave you army composition ranges above, you will have to be around those if you want to raid quickly. Simply queue up 2 of your barracks with barbarians and 2 of your barracks with archers (2 barbarians and 1 archers for TH4-6). To go even faster boost your barracks. That way, when you are raiding, your troops are already waiting for you when you get back. Queuing your barracks cuts time by 50% easily.

IMG_0350.PNGIMG_0349.PNGUse this guide to gain as much loot as possible! Make sure that you are attacking people with plenty of loot as well; don’t settle for a measly 50k for each raid.

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