New Hero in Clash: Goblin King!

That’s right, there will be a new hero in Clash of Clans! In a new tweet today, Clash of Clans showed a very small sneak-peek indicating a new hero! Here’s the tweet:

So if we zoom in on the picture we will notice something a little strange.

So as you can see, this is a brand new pedestal and it isn’t the Barb King‘s or the Archer Queen‘s. This will be a new hero, presumably a Goblin King. Look at the gold bags sitting near the edge of the pedestal. The King would go for storages and mines possibly tripling damage on resource buildings. Only time will tell but I think we are definitely looking at a new hero to be added!














April Fools!!! Haha, sorry guys but I couldn’t resist! Check here tomorrow for the start of an EPIC series!

7 thoughts on “New Hero in Clash: Goblin King!

  1. It is possible that this was an April fools joke. It was included with “fixing the archer queens AI” and “dropping a lightning spell on gem boxes to get gems”, and these are both highly unlikely


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