The Creatures of Clash

So this is the last troop review. As we all know, the new troop, the Lava-Hound, is a creature of Clash. So as a result, there is a little added bonus to this post. The other troops are- the wall-breaker, the balloon, the dragon, the PEKKA, the minion, and the golem. The last two days I did the men of clash and the women of clash. Once again, I will be giving these troops a category: Single Unit, Expensive, But Worth It, and Tank

The Wall-Breaker: This skeleton’s love for walls means everything to him, even giving up his own life! Use this little guy to blow holes through walls to make way for your other troops. A handy tip: The wall-breaker’s level is the level wall he can break through. With a rage spell though, it is a different story! Category: Single Unit

The Balloon: Instead of a love for walls, these skeletons have a love for flying! Combined with minions, “balloonion” is one of the most formidable strategies in the game. At level 6, the skeletons paint a skull on their balloons making them look even scarier. Remember when a balloon goes down, it creates splash-damage where it lands. Category: Expensive, But Worth It


The Dragon: The dragon is a mighty flying unit that lights up defenders bases’. Using the strategy “Mass Drags” is the best and most reliable way for TH7s and TH8s to get to Master. This is a great troops to have in your clan castle since only wizards, archers, witches, minions, and other dragons can kill it. Category: Tank

The P.E.K.K.A.: The P.E.K.K.A. is actually very overrated. Although extremely useful in the strategy GoWiPe, only attacking with PEKKAs is one of the fastest ways to lose. Make sure to bring WBs when attacking this way! PEKKAs are also much gentler then most people think, enjoying chasing butterflies. Little known fact: The PEKKA is actually a girl! Category: Tank

The Minion: This guy is very mischievous, but incredibly useful. The minion is a favorite of TH7s and TH8s due to the cheap Dark Elixir training cost. Pair him up with some balloons and you can easily make champion! Also drop a couple of minions for a Town Hall snipe to pick up a few extra trophies. Category: Single Unit

The Golem: Along with the Lava-Hound, this is the biggest unit in the game, taking up 30 spaces. The golem is made of rocks, which give him lots of hit-points. However, when a golem does die, two golemites spawn in its place to continue their father’s wrath. Golems are most used as cover-fire while wizards work behind them. Category: Tank

The Lava-Hound: This is the newest edition to the game (hasn’t actually came out yet). Use the lava-hound as a distraction for air defense while your minion, balloons, or dragons work behind the scenes. The Hound is a lot like a golem, just in the air. Your loyal companion can be added to either mass drags or balloonion to help your troops live longer. Read more about the Lava-Hound: Category: Tank

Lava Hound

Fingers crossed the update comes out soon! Look for more update posts everyday.

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