The Best of the Best: TH8 Farming Bases

Hey guys! I decided to come up with a series: The Best of the Best. Since the majority of our viewers are TH8, I decided to do a TH8 guide first. There will also be TH6 War Bases, TH10 Pushing Bases etc. etc. So without further ado I bring you some of the best TH8 farming bases I could find.

Trivium Circle-


-Centralized Clan Castle                                    -Centralized Mortars

-Centralized Air Defense                                    -Inlurable Barb King

-Spread-Out Wizard Towers                                 -Teslas Around TH

TH Snipe Trouble-


-Hard to Snipe TH                                                -Centralized Mortars

-Well Placed Teslas and Bombs                     -Centralized DE Storage

-Defense Coverage Around Entire Base        -Hard to Snipe Storages

The Gate of Hades-


-Centralized Clan Castle                                            -Hard to Snipe TH

-Hard to 100%                                                  -Centralized DE Storage

-Inlureable Barb King                                           -Spread-out Storages

X Marks the Spot-


-Inlureable Barb King                                         -Triangular Air Defense

-Triangular Mortars                                          -Easy to Snipe Town Hall

-Can be swapped to a pushing base                  -Inlureable Clan Castle

I hope you guys enjoyed these bases and that they help you take your farming to a whole new level. TH7s and TH9s, your top bases will be coming soon. BTW Supercell, let’s get this update coming!

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