Future Update Ideas

Its never too early to start thinking about the future! The newest update just came out on Tuesday, but we can still imagine what will be coming next. If you have any ideas, comment below!

Town Hall 11- I truly believe this will be in the next major update. Town Hall 10 came out in May of 2013. Supercell knows at this point that too many people are maxing their base and there is a need for another Town Hall. Although this will hurt most of us, it will earn Supercell tons of money off gem sales. Along with Town Hall 11, bring new upgrades. If TH11 does come out, you can expect level 13 cannons, level 12 walls, and level 5 X-Bows/Inferno Towers. RIght now, the leading image of TH11 is teal with a tesla on top.

New Troop Updates- Since level 7 barbs and archers just came out, you can certainly expect more level 7/level 5 troops to follow. I predict level 7 gobs, giants, wall breakers, and minions in the next update. Also a level 5 dragon and a level 5 healer is probable. Level 6 hogs might be added as well, to offset the “nerf” to them, and to get clashers to use the Hog strategy again.

Freeze Tower- This is completely a speculation. However, I do believe in the next big update Supercell will add a new defense and a freeze tower sounds like a good idea. It would be a counter to the Inferno Tower. Basically, it would work exactly like a freeze spell does, only it freezes the attackers troops. This might also lead to a new troop, such as a Devil or Lava Warrior that “melts the freeze” when close by. If not a freeze tower, I definitely think a new tower is coming soon.

Level 7 Dark Barracks- Supercell does have to get to 10 Dark Troops eventually which means more will keep being added on. I think the most likely next dark troop will be something like an archer or barbarian, cheap (maybe 1-2 DE) and quick to train (20-30 seconds). Maybe an elf or a assassin? Also as I mentioned above, a Devil or Lava Warrior could come into play for a Freeze Tower. Dark Troops are getting too expensive, so I do think Supercell will make a cheaper one.

Real-Time Village- This is very much requested from the clash community. Instead of always having your village on daytime mode, I think Supercell will make it so there is nighttime, dawn, and twilight based on what time it is in “real life”. Not only will they add day-night updates, but also seasonal updates. When it starts becoming fall, your trees will turn orange, red, and brown; in winter they will be snow covered. This would add more in-depth player experience to the game.

The next update probably won’t be for a while (I would guess December or so) but its never too early to start dreaming! Once again, comment below what you would like to see in the next update. Clash on!

4 thoughts on “Future Update Ideas

  1. I don’t know this is right or wrong. But i think that is good for clash royale players which i talk about.

    In clash royale, we can not know what kind of cards we can get.
    If we can decide,that would be better.
    As like, in a chest we can be get 30 common or 12 rare or 4 epic or 1 legendary card. What u want? That’s it.
    I think that is better for us.


  2. Been playing this for awhile the one thing i would love is if your troops dont die when you attake someone then those troops should not just vanish you should be able to keep the troops that dont die.


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