How the Update Affects TH9s

Believe or not, this update actually really impacted TH9s indirectly. I’m here to talk about how this update affected Town Hall 9s. There are some obvious ones like the Lava Hound, and other underlying causes.

Reduced “Archer” Cost- Since level 7 archers came out, Supercell had to reduce level 6 archer costs since they were already so expensive. The cost is now 6,000,000 elixir to upgrade them from 5 to 6. Also, the level 13 archer towers came out, so level 11 towers have a reduced costs. They went from 5 million elixir to 4.5 million to upgrade to 11. So with new upgrade levels, the costs are actually decreased for Town Hall 9s.

Lava Hounds- Everyone, and I mean everyone, was expecting this troop to be unlocked at Town Hall 10, but it is actually unlocked at TH9. If you think about it, this actually makes sense since Supercell still has to make 4 more dark troops. Enjoy the lava hounds, Town Hall 9s! Maybe you can get the Level 7 Dark Barracks too.

Lava Hound

Hero Heal-Time Reduction- This is a great new update. We were all sick and tired of having to wait hours for our Queen and King to heal. Supercell cut the healing time in half. So now, a level 10 archer queen can heal in 48 minutes while a level 10 barb king can heal in 48 minutes as well. This will enable TH9s to raid much faster.

Thanks for reading all about the update for TH9s. Read more about the update here:


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