How to Farm in Clan Wars

Most people think of clan wars as costly, a waste of elixir and DE, however they can turn you an easy profit if you control it right. There are 3 main ways to gain easy resources in war. Note: Don’t do #2 and #3 if you are losing a war or are ahead by only a few stars.

1) Treat it as a War- This is exactly as it says. Basically, have a war, attack with your best armies and get that war win bonus. If you win, you get almost 1m total in resources. That means, if your clan wins, and you win both attacks, you can win almost 2 million in loot. Not too shabby for only two attacks! Even if you lose your war, you still get 20% of the loot you earned in the war.

2) Snipe some THs- This should only be used if your clan has a sizable lead in your war. Sizable meaning winning by 40+ stars. Your clan mates will get annoyed at you if you snipe in war instead of going for the 3 star. However, with a big lead (or a big deficit) most people won’t care. Basically, you get the war win loot since you did officially get the win and that translates into full loot for you!

3) Go After Storages- This is probably the worst way to gain loot in clan wars. Once again, don’t use this strategy unless the war is already won. Send in some gobs to take out storages and mines. This will get you very minimal loot, so its actually better just to conduct a normal raid. If the snipe is available take it!

I hope this post makes you realize that war is actually a great way to get loot. Remember: best way to gain loot in war is the win bonus, but don’t snipe unless you have a huge lead in stars.

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